Video : Married woman caught doing musvo

Married woman caught pants down in bush doing musvo as culprit runs away naked.    

Video : Man caught red handed sexing married woman

Man caught cheating with married woman. We never learn idi. We have a big problem especially black people.Isusu we grew...

Video : Cheating married man and married woman caught

Married man and married woman caught pants down VIDEO

Video and images: Pastor Moses Miles Madzinga looking for hook up

Pastor Moses Miles Madzinga has written looking for girls .If interested  please find his contacts and items 😨👁 Musvo video and...

As Enias Major Chavingira proposes to married ‘woman’

😨 Musvo images and screen shot chats as Enias Major Chavingira sends musvo , proposes love to married woman knowingly...

Video : Cheating wife under attack

Video : The biggest lesson is *DO NOT CHEAT.* Woman , wife , mother under attack. " Shame . Zvakaoma idi....

Daughter exposes cheating father Zanupf pastor Shingi Munyeza

Images : Said to be Zanupf cheater Shingi Munyeza smell house I didn't know he is a Dr and Pastor too....

Video : Dada Morero and Neo Modise musvo

Said to be Dada Morero and Neo Modise musvo video VIDEO

Video : Footballer cheating video

Marriage ends over video Video

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