A frustrated man has spoken of how he is saying he was duped into parting with £3000 by a woman in the UK .Below he shares his story .

” My name is Ali… From Bedford area UK .Am married but I don’t mind if you publish it.Am now having problems with my wife because of rimwe whore reku Flitick Bedford rinonzi Margaret Dhokwani but ndakaona akachinja zita pa FB nekutiza chihure akunzi Mag Trudy Dee.

She infected me with Chlamydia and she disappeared only to hear from her work mate that she is in and out of the hospital always and munhu akatobviswa chibereko achiri Zimbabwe Marondera nenyaya yekuda varume.. She came here UK 2013 but the damage yaaita muno yakaoma.She stole my £3000 from my place last time and the Samsung S6 she is using at the moment.

Muma home she is stealing and she is using another name remunhu ane bepa but I don’t want kuritaura coz the lady akamupa bepa is a close friend.Please dzora hako mari yangu coz madam vangu ndiri pama1… I know I cheated but I apologised to my wife and am born again.All I need is the money and the fone.She blocked me all social.

I tried to call the mum in Bedford but she told me she always live in….Please do bring my money or contact Vee asap nokuti ukasadaro I will report you to immigration matricks ako ekushanda and remember I know your appeal date is soon .

Kind Regards

Ali “