Below is Vimbai D Tanyanyiwa’s communication to musvozimbabwe

Vimbai D. Tanyanyiwa

15 February 15:56
Don’t be used by people with vendettas who have their nudes scattered all over the internet.I’m the Vimbai that was aimed when u pushed for that video u mentioned Vimbai from mandara but sadly I don’t do such missions.I’m not involved in any type of porn.Be given full facts please before u start pushing for something I run a business in mandara so when u pushed yo vid saying Vimbai from mandara everyone thot its me.Please be considerate next time

Musvo Zimbabwe 1
15 February 23:53.
We are the ones who know Musvo Zimbabwe’s mission and not you .Why are you angry ? So does this mean you are the only Vimbai in Mandara such that when someone says Vimbai in Mandara without even a surname people will think its you and you will think its you too.Moreso the face on the video is showing so is it you ? The face itself shows the Vimbai such that there is no need for you to inbox us if you are not the face in the video .So to you Vimbai in Mandara means Vimbai D Tanyanyiwa in Mandara, right ? Kekekekekekekekekeke .


Vimbai D Tanyanyiwa
Vimbai D Tanyanyiwa


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