A divorced gospel musician caused a scene by her sexually suggestive dances at her all white kitchen top up party held in Glen Norah ….

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The ‘Ruregerero’ singer Felistas Murata 28 organised a kitchen top up dubbed “All white party and guests were asked to perform s.exually suggestive moves while lying on a mattress.

Felistas stole the show by her moves leading the guests to capture the moments and post the photographs on social networks.

“Felistas akaita zvinogara zvakadero imi munongonzwa.regai murungu afunge zvekuchata naye,” said one of the guests who attended the party.

“Everyone with a camera was tempted to capture the dance routines ,” she added .

Contacted for comment Felistas expressed her joy in teaching her friends what she described as bedroom issues that saw her first marriage collapsing.

“It mustn’t be a surprise to you H-metro guys since you have covered my story with my former husband after I caught him cheating,” said Felistas.

“I have since discovered that women feel shy to share bedroom issues with their friends.

“It is at kitchen parties where we teach each other how to satisfy your husband s.exually because if you shun it the next day we hear that your husband was caught with the ladies of the night .

“Many of these ladies got lessons after they failed in their marriages and this is a thing for concern.

Tusikana twechidiki tarura mumaavenues madzimai ngwarai panyaya idzi.

“On the day in question we took a mattress so as to teach each other and many thanked me for organising the event which I believe was private before those mischiefs recorded and posted on social networks,” said Felistas.

Felistas said she is writing songs and will release an album this year saying she is now running a boutique in the central business centre.

“I am taking my time so as to come up with a spirit filled message on my next project.I cannot afford to leave God who has brought me this far,”said Felistas.

“I am running a boutique where I spend most of my time writing songs that changed my life and I believe it will change many lives as well.

“I am expecting a wedding in May this year and this time God blessed me with a foreign lover whom I want to believe is happy to marry a Zimbabwean like me,”

She added.

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