By Citizen journalist

There was drama corner Mugodhoyi street in Triangle last sunday when two drunken sexual peverts (Pictured )chose to enjoy the forbiden fruits in public.

According to eye witnesses Lovemore Jiri who works at the Laboritory section Triangle mill,got drunk to the extent of loosing his morals and hooked up with a whore only identified as Cathrine who was also in the same mood.This platform is reliably informed that the two  love peverts were drinking at Tockridge bar which is believed to be owned by Chiredzi west member of parliament Darlington Chiwa.

During that sunday afternoon,the two proceeded to Rufaro B compound where they had agreed to have a quicky but could not reach the house they had intended to use prefering to do it beside a road billboard at Mugodhoyi street.

Members of the public were taken aback seeing this weird act.The two took to the act untill they finished off,put on their undergarments and made their way in broad day light.
Onlookers said Jiri,who is also married,enjoyed the escapede until he soiled his pant as evidenced by the sight of his dirty inner garment.

“Police must arrest these people.This is real public indecency which can not be condoned’ said a house wife whose house is close to where the two perfomed.

“Mvura inganayawo pakadai tichioneswa mashura iwaya” she quipped

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