Some of the monies that Olinda Chapel Chideme sent to women abuser and financial abuser musvorologist Desmond Chideme aka Stunner are shown on the screenshots 1 to 4.

Olinda married the puppet Chideme who barely had anything valuable to his name apart from his voice that echoes discord.The singing psychotic barbarian who also exhibits symptoms of acute ignorance and a very bad upbringing is not only a womaniser of note .He is also a parasite who uses every opportunity that comes along his way to financially abuse women after which he dumps them.

His evil and carefree take at life has been linked to his sickly status and a bad upbringing which manifest as unempathetic blabberings.

“I don’t even understand why women are head over heals with the sickly mouse faced musvorologist.The thing is so disgusting and heartless and not even worth any normal woman’s attention.All it does is inflict unbearable pain on you until you drop dead ” Said Sisi Vee.

January 2017 saw Olinda shine into 2017 in a stream of tears of sadness after learning that the pyschologically deranged Chideme cheated on her.The unthankful moron went on to brag that he never loved his fat wife and went on to compose a half baked song taunting the wife who he has been sucking large sums of money from eversince they started dating.

Today Olinda was at it again live on facebook exposing the unrepentant frog for what it is after it emerged that the Zimbabwe based amphibian was cheating on her again with another woman called Dion.

“Olinda was crying again live today .Hanzi Stunner anga aina Dion nezuro vachibatana” Said a source to sisi Vee.

However,  her lunatic husband instead of hiding his face in shame went on to brag that he is not her husband anymore in the quoted stony-hearted message to her on facebook.

If I was so bad , why are u holding on to a man akabvisa gupuro? I am not your husband anymore, please come get what u need kana nezvangu futi its okay, those that know me vanozviketa zvandinazvo. I just need my life back, I’m tired of this emotional abuse.

Can someone help me please, I need to be free of this woman. Listen to the first song I ever sung (Rudo Rwemari) all she is saying is my things my things (and you say you wer married), pawambotaurawo zve life ndepapi? You found me as I was and now u want to complain?????? Not everyone is fooled by your crying and its the only weapon u have that’s why you go live on Fb. After 3 husbands pple will know u for who u r soon.

Will go and get my peace order from the police now, seeing how last time u wer violent to me. See u when u get here my ex wife. Oh and please stop calling my mother her blood pressure is not so good right now and like u are telling the world , I would not afford the hospital bill. Its been an interesting journey.” Wrote Stunner

Meanwhile ,Olinda who is said to have retreated to her base in the UK after the first fracas ,has today made the bold decision again to fly back to Zimbabwe to face her hard- hearted husband once again.

” That’s what ALL of them imbeciles who financially abuse women say.Their mission is to ‘eat’ women sexually and financially.Their hearts are not on your heart. They fall in love with your money and not yourself that’s why when they feel that they have sucked you to a point where you feel suicidal they leave you.” Said sisi Vee.

“Who in their right senses would say such heartless words to a woman who was sending him all those large sums of money.At least have the decency to remember and appreciate the goodness of a woman who raised you from the life of a pauper to a decent life.” Added sisi Vee.

Meanwhile sisi Vee has written to the numbskulled man Desmond who responded to sisi Vee in a 21sec audio on whatsapp saying there’s nothing more to talk about between him and Olinda .

Sisi Vee writing to Desmond on whatsapp today said ,

[11/02 1:56 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello hanzvadzi.It’s sisi Vee again .Hoping I find you wrll. May you please give me Olinda’s number .I hear she was crying again today .I just felt compelled to help her out of her painful situation.Your understanding will be greatly appreciated

[11/02 5:13 pm] Sisi Vee: Can you please respond love.If you are not Stunner may you please let me know.??

[11/02 5:18 pm] Sisi Vee: Thank you so much for your audio response Stunner .I greatly appreciate it.May you please give me her number.I need to help her with counselling. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

More to follow

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VIDEO 2 : Olinda going over some of the many amounts she sent to Desmond Chideme aka Stunner.

” My pain is personally coming from how this unthankful and arrogant moron Stunner seem to have forgotten how his lifestyle was funded by Olinda…whether his wife or not …but he instead thanks her with bad mouthing.If you can’t thank her, close your beak unthankful dumbhead .” Said sisi Vee