Model Pauline Mapuvire currently running this campaign September 2018 was once accused/suspected of donor funds abuse so be cautious when donating .Published the issue in 2017 .It’s a very good campaign but just try to get her to account for the donations and ask her questions before donating and not after donating.The campaign was sent to me a few minutes ago by a wellwisher and Pauline’s name rang a bell” Said sisi Vee.

September 2018

Xeroderma pigmentosum. This condition cannot be cured but it can be controlled. If they had proper clothing, enough dun screens and could afford the doctors fee. Their faces wiuld not be this damaged. THE SUN IS THEIR BIGGEST ENEMY.For Natasha(half faced).May your soul rest forever in eternal peace.
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Thank you for stopping by, and perhaps, for considering a donation or sharing of this campaign in support of our efforts. No amount of help is too little. It is perfectly understandable that money may not be readily available for some, but your effort in sharing the campaign with your friends, colleagues and family will be most appreciated


Thank you for stopping by, and perhaps, for considering a donation or sharing of this campaign in support of our efforts. No amount of help is too little. It is perfectly understandable that money may not be readily available for some, but your effort in sharing the campaign with your friends, colleagues and family will be most appreciated


About the Campaign

My name is Farai , and this campaign is on behalf of Pauline Mapuvire and 25 children living with Xeroderma Pigmentosum and cancer-stricken children in Zimbabwe. Please be advised that this campaign account contains graphic images, and the reader’s discretion is advised.
I am not a relative of any of the children with XP, but like many who came across their plight, I felt compelled to join the selfless efforts already started by Pauline, to alleviate their suffering, through this appeal.
While the sad stories and pictures make for a heart wrenching read, I feel such disclosures are imperative for your complete information, in conveying to you, the sombre gravity and desperate urgency of our appeal. The images in this campaign may indeed prove difficult for some to behold and process. The children and their guardians have been asked and provided consent for us to share these images with you in our fundraising campaigns.
Thank you for stopping by, and perhaps, for considering a donation or sharing of this campaign in support of our efforts. No amount of help is too little. It is perfectly understandable that money may not be readily available for some, but your effort in sharing the campaign with your friends, colleagues and family will be most appreciated.
The raised funds will be used to acquire, in addition to the children’s on-going care:
1. XP Suitable accommodation – we would like to raise enough money to build a house designed to meet the children’s XP condition e.g. UV protected space. A place where they can best enjoy their little lives
2. UV protective clothing / visors
3. Education for the children and families
4. Painkillers
5. Betadine antiseptic solution, and any such over the counter topical medication and moisturisers
6. Bedding – sheets, duvets, blankets
7. Diapers
8. Toiletries
9. Cotton wool and bandages
10. Mattress / bed & Pillows / Mosquito nets
11. Solar or rechargeable lights
12. Groceries
13. Clothing (even second hand clothing)
As model Pauline Mapuvire is accused of donor funds abuse as she claims concert raised $24


Writing to sisi Vee ,a concened citizen claimed that after the fundraising Pauline took a vacation to Botswana .

Pauline who told sisi Vee that the concert raised $24 refused to give sisi Vee the contacts for the parents whose children she was fundraising for with her team.

Below is what she said,

[08/11 11:29 am] Pauline Mapuvire: Halli hq e y, my namw is Pauline i got yo number from Tahir. He said u hv something to show wth mi about the Donor event not sure though

[08/11 11:32 am] Pauline Mapuvire: Sorry typing error. Meant to say hallo hw r u? My name is pauline i got yo number from Tahir. He says u hv something to share wth mi about “the Donor event?

[08/11 4:10 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello sisi muri sei .Thank you so much for getting in touch.👏🏿

Sure .Someone inboxed me on facebook saying you blocked him after he challenged you about the donations you raised.So he asked me to check with you to understand the issue better .Let me send you his message

[08/11 4:12 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Kkkkk i blocked him for saying nonsense

[08/11 4:12 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: I dont appreciate people who r always negative

[08/11 4:13 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: So yes hw best can i help u my sister

[08/11 4:18 pm] Sisi Vee: Kekekekekeke I hear you

Below is his message to me on facebook .So am kindly asking if anything of that sort happened with the donated funds .I write stories too so he sent me the message thinking I could write about it if need be.

” Sisi Vee pane this lady Pee Dee .Anozviti a model who was looking after the plight of the children with facial cancer, one of them, Bridget Mandimutsira. 2 weeks ago , she arranged a concert , purported to be raising money to look after vana ava vane facial cancer.

I saw her FB posts going to botswana for a holiday, wearing all new clothes and shoes. This is after the concert 2 weeks ago.

Now, I commented on the pic she posted asking how much she raised from the concert. She blocked me. I have a feeling she took advantage of these kids with cancer to raise money for her own holiday. She blocked even from messenger, I used to talk to her planning to donate, and a second voice told me not to. I know you have helped to expose these scammers before.

Zita rake pandatarisa pamessenger pakanzi Pauline Chikondo maps Mapuvire

FB page yakanzi Miss Legacy Zimbabwe


[08/11 4:21 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Kkkk let yah some people nid jesus bigtime.

[08/11 4:21 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Thts derick masawi

[08/11 4:23 pm] Sisi Vee: Sorry sisi I missed your call.Can only currently message .Kekekekekeke Zvakaoma. Ko did you raise the funds by any chance

[08/11 4:24 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: I travel a lot if u go on my page globally all over coz i run a modelling agency and events company. Kana ane problem and ane chokwadi ne zvaari kutaura let him go and report. And publish wat he wants abt mi. And jst tell him to b very careful otherwise i wl sue him bigtime akashaya proof yenonsense yake

[08/11 4:27 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Instead of helping those families akutaura nonsense if u check on my facebook there r account numbers of families vari kurwarirwa vacho.

[08/11 4:30 pm] Sisi Vee: Sisi Pau if anything is to be published it is me who will do so thats why am kindly asking to understand what transpired .Did you raise money for charity as claimed by him .Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated sisi

[08/11 4:30 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: No funds were raised but people who pledged to help those failies r doing it directly. ZbC was there u can also confirm wth the artist. Or zbc directly. I dont hv time for thin brain like derek.

[08/11 4:31 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: No funds wr raised dear. Only people came forward to help the families directly and the people r also on social media

[08/11 4:32 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: They r helping the families directly as we speak i am with some of the people who are helping the kids

[08/11 4:32 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you so much sisi ..I think you should have just politely explained to him…rudeness when doing nyaya dzecharity wont help . How were you involved

[08/11 4:34 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Wat he wrote really pissed mi off n wen he was passing the solly comments the mother of one of the sick children was there reading coz was in hospital wth them

[08/11 4:34 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: If u want to meet the families u r free n most welcome

[08/11 4:35 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: I can arrange that u meet wth them and u might as well ask them

[08/11 4:39 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: He has been on my case like forever anotombotukwa nevanhu on fb

[08/11 5:51 pm] Sisi Vee: I hear you sisi. Were you fundraising on their behalf

[08/11 5:53 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Yes dear 9 of them. Hv 15 kids now

[08/11 5:53 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Bridget akuvakirwa imba

[08/11 5:54 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok sisi .Am failing to understand why he suspected donor funds abuse

[08/11 5:54 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Natasha waa in hospital discharged abt 6days ago. She is being catered for ne mari ye go fund mi

[08/11 5:55 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok So you opened a Go fund me page too

[08/11 5:55 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Kkkk ndozvinoita munhu anoshanda nekufungira kwete nezviripo

[08/11 5:57 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: No it was opened in UK by some wellwishers. We actually hv a watsapp group rine doctors and donors nemawellwishers varikubatsira.

[08/11 6:01 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok sisi .Did you arrange the said concert for Bridget

[08/11 6:04 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: The concert ws arranged for the 9children including bridget

[08/11 6:04 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok.Who arranged it

[08/11 6:11 pm] Sisi Vee: Thank you sisi for the images.So were you one of the organisers for the concert

[08/11 6:11 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Yah sure

[08/11 6:12 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok sisi.Did the concert raise any funds

[08/11 6:13 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: No not at ol. Like i said people came and they pledged. Some r owning to their pledges directly to the families.

[08/11 6:14 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: ZBC was there journalist wr there coz we wanted it live

[08/11 6:14 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Artists wr there and everybody who came knows the outcome

[08/11 6:15 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Including some of the parents of those kids

[08/11 6:15 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok. Were there like any ‘gate/door’ takings (money) involved ?

[08/11 6:16 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Yes dear.

[08/11 6:16 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: But we ddnt get tht mch only $24 and pledges

[08/11 6:18 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok sisi .Who handled the $24 ?

[08/11 6:20 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Us and it was given to the mothers for their transport

[08/11 6:22 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok sisi .Were you part of those who gave the mothers ?May you please give me the contacts of the mothers who shared the $24

[08/11 6:26 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Unfortunately m not in a position to do tht. U can meet wth them and tok and they can give u their numbers willingly

[08/11 6:27 pm] Sisi Vee: Is there any good reason why you are not willing to do that sisi?

[08/11 6:28 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Yes because iam nt allowed to do so

[08/11 6:29 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Its confidentil n uagre wth them first

[08/11 6:29 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Meant its confidential u agree wth them first

[08/11 6:30 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: U can meet wth them

[08/11 6:30 pm] Sisi Vee: You mean agreeing with them to double check if they shared $24 from the concert?

[08/11 6:33 pm] Sisi Vee: I do a lot of charity work myself as you probably know but I dont see anything confidential with sharing contacts of the parents .

[08/11 6:33 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Yes u can meet wth them in person sis

[08/11 6:33 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Wen u ready to see thm lemi know

[08/11 6:34 pm] Sisi Vee: I cant meet them sisi I can only contact them through the phone

[08/11 6:34 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Then iam sorry i cnt give u their contacts.

[08/11 6:36 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok sisi .Thank you so much for your cooperation and patience .Greatly appreciated.Will go ahead and write your side of the allegation.

[08/11 6:37 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Thk u

[08/11 6:38 pm] Sisi Vee: You are welcome sisi

[08/11 6:39 pm] Pauline Mapuvire: Godbless you

[08/11 6:39 pm] Sisi Vee: You too sisi