Moira, daughter to veteran broadcaster Eric Knight, says she is affected by her father’s shenanigans. The budding artiste expressed her dismay after her father’s illicit affairs leaked. She tweeted expressing her anger over her father who has been trending on social media over his adulterous behaviour. In an interview with H-Metro, Moira said: “It’s embarrassing what he did and this has been happening for a long time. “It’s not the first time he has done this but I have just been quiet about for so many years over the things he has done to mom. “It pains me a lot to hear my mom call me crying over my dad’s behaviour and to some extent this pressured me to react the way I did, I had to vent it out. “My mother is in pieces right now and I am planning to visit the UK to be with her and spend some time with her. “We spoke at length and deep and all I can say is, she is fed up with dad’s issues though she hasn’t made her final decision yet.” Moira said she was not in very good relationship with her father and have not spoken for several months. “Ndaneta nekunyadziswa, it’s been going for so long now, now people just refer me to the daughter wemudhara wema nudes. “How am I supposed to feel? “I don’t talk to my dad, I last spoke to him months ago when I left the UK and it’s all because of issues mainly to do with girlfriends. “I speak to him on social media, when I tweet or post like I did that’s how I communicate with him. “He can’t call me because he knows the stuff he has done.” She added that her father’s behaviour has worsened over the years and has not been able to listen to any other family member after the passing on of her grandmother. “He has just got worse over the years, my mom tried to call the pastors and to urge him to go for counselling but he wouldn’t take anything of it. “Gogo was the only one that could talk to him vachiterera but after she passed away he listens to no one else.” Moira said she was willing to forgive her father and give him another chance if he changes his behaviour. “He really needs to change, he can’t keep on acting like a teenager. He needs to find God and act right. “I have a little sister too and she is watching all this at least let him change for her and not me Source : HMetro “Thank you so much for standing up Moira to speak truth about how your father behaves. Very wise decision and move you have made .Hopefully after this last straw he will change for himself. I pray your mother is finally packing her bags.I pray you will leave your abusive husband too Sir Calaz if you haven’t.Varume ibasa chairo especially wedu ava who just marry by accident , by force or for musvo. It’s a big risk getting involved with them. Many of them dont love the woman they just lust. Am not sure though if they really genuinely love anything else apart from musvo. Kunyadzisa kwazvo. Then kunyepa kuti those chats were photoshoped. I dont understand how men think for sure. Why chat and sent the girlfriend your nudes? It leaves evidence of your stupidity and cheating.Still cheating and behaving like a 21 year old on social media at that age leaves a lot to be desired. Am sure he needs psychological help. Evidence of psychological problems 1. Suicide attempt previously published by musvozim 2. Proudly declaring that he is now supporting zanupf 3. Chatting with youngsters on whatsapp and sending his musvos moreso a well known someone.” Said sisi Vee