” Yanetseka zvekuti zanu couple iyi in and out kwamagaya kekekeke seka hako wasu. Zanu yenyu yakaurayaka health system manje makungombeya mumaprophet kunga mweya yetsvina chamuda tsakata. Only yesterday I heard he was admitted in hospital. Hapeno zvemazanu. Nhamo yekushaya vibrant health system. Zvinotsverudza zvekuti. It’s not surprising kuti he was paid by the fake prophet again to fake healing. As far as I gathered his leg was healed in UK and not by Magaya. Musada kunyepera anhu. These fake prophets never existed before and masses were being healed , cured in hospitals by medical teams. Fake prophets are just taking advantage of a dead health system and lying to the desperate people. Professor (RIP) and his mother went to Magaya too akanyepera kubata bata mwana musoro saying he will be healed of the cancer yet he was lying. Shame maningi using God’s name in vain

Someone abusing drugs going to a prophet moreso a fake one for that matter 🙄. He needs rehabilitation ….it might work. Moreso he used to frequent flats in the avenues cheating on his sick too ex Lisa , and was doing musvo kumaflats with all sorts of women. His sexcapades are well known. Ane utachiwana and then abusing drugs yet utachiwana needs specialised diet and care. In the long run drugs/alcohol abuse damage brain thats why he is breaking zviro he will be under the influence in his bloodstream too ….then plus the utachiwana it becomes worse. So many vari kupengeswa by drugs . That relative of mine who reported me to police in September 2017 for singing against zanupf after ndamutsiura drugs isame problem iyoyi. Soul jah love intially went kwamagaya on clutches achiti mukumbo diabetes

A few days/ weeks after he went to UK i think tichimuona on wheelchair pastage kuUK . I remember ndichitonyora kuti fake miracle kwamagaya etc . He was then admitted in a UK hospital with the situation said to be worsening after which Magaya claimed that he had healed him. Soon tichatozwa Bounty Lisa Musenyi saying she has been healed 😂. People are being paid to fake healing, are desperate or just really dumb. So sad . ” Said Sisi Vee.