Musvorologist Tatenda Karigambe Tatelicious was desperate for swedish kr15 000 on Go Fund Me…got r245

… and says the money for electricity bill is now enough. Am not sure though if bills in Sweden show pseudonyms or actual names or could be something fishy with the top part of the bill.

Wherever the balance came from within 48 hours. Kekekekekeke seka hako wasu ….and his/her followers were feeling for her as she shed crocodile tears in a video saying she is depressed , looking for a job , can’t find a job etc .

Zuro ndizuro they were conned 250s for visas that she never processed …and they never learnt .Have also published how she conned mungezi uya nebogus charity etc and they still trust their queen and remain loyal to her kekekeke…and we wonder why zanu ichipo despite the incompetence and the evilness. Moreso they still stand with their queen anoita musvo in public with all sorts ….whatever she does with her dogs behind closed doors 🙄 only the dogs know.

Amwewo thanking God and saying God is great for providing Tatelicious with kr245 for her electticity 😂. Some people are dumb idi. Stop using God’s name in vain.

Just abusing Go Fund Me typical. All along I thought she had a professional job 🙄 a prostitute . Nangwisa kunanzvira zviro zvearume mahara ? Ko what about falling down from grace and sell the so called mansion get into a smaller house for 1 person and 2 dogs and start life all over again with savings in the bank to pay electricity while looking for a real job.

Well don’t be put off by her claims that life is so bad in Sweden. She’s just a loser spending time doing men, substances and dancing for nothing instead of refocusing and live a decent life with a dot com job etc. By now she should be fluent in Swedish and finished university there but she would rather be a failed prostitute. ” Said Sisi Vee.

Apparently some gullible people sent her some money. This weird world . Conartists always find it very easy to survive because of fools.