That Zimbabwe so called pastor caught having affair with someone’s wife. The fools are those who are fooled by these crooks and idiots in Africa masquerading as apostles , pastors, prophets kekekekekeke seka hako wasu. If Africans really knew God that whole continent would not be a sithole . Unfortunately they don’t know God . All they know are Bible verses and going to church to worship these fake people. They never stop to think as well , why with so many so called men and women of God and congregants the continent is ravaged by societal ills . They never question too. Chese chibenzi chati homu whether in politics or wherever they support .Those who despise all wrong are cursed 🙌🏽🙌🏽 . Rest in pieces Africa our sithole” Said Sisi

We need to change the way we think , mafungiro.

If us black people don’t change the way we think this African continent of ours , case in point Zimbabwe will remain a sewage. A nation of braindead goons and bootlickers will NEVER prosper. Stop cursing people who open your eyes and start opening your brains and THINK.

[26/09, 10:16 am] Cover B09: Makadini hanzvadzi. Thanks for the good work. May the Living God continue to open more doors. Very well said about the fake pastors. I have always said vana Passion Java are not the real problem. The problem is that man or woman anomuka otogeza achiti ari kundo paridzirwa na Papa. Kwava kutosiya mari ye tithe….

[26/09, 10:25 am] Sisi : Ndinofara hangu hanzvadzi kana muchifarawo. Taurai henyu . Thank you so much. As I always say yes for something to prevail there are supporters and followers and yes these supporters and followers who support wrong and nonsense are the biggest problem and challenge . They are more dangerous than their so called fake pastors and so called leaders. Imagine kutomuka kugeza mwiri kuti ndakuenda kuchuch kwaPassion Java 🙃🙄. Zvinotosiririsa mhoti. I dont think all people have working brains. Seriously. Some are genuinely brain dead.