The Zanupf MP Admire Mahachi facing it after being caught sexing MP friend Mike Madiro’s wife , Hazvinei Vambe Mabika.

“Kukumbira mota yabhururu wake,obva ayenda kunotora mukadzi we the same bhururu kuenda naye ku Lodge..Husband has always been suspecting and he tracked down bva avabata ikoko. Ha yas mahwani. The woman akasara mu room mavakabatwa vari.”

Zvakaoma idi. Kushaya conscience to this extent.This is why I stopped sympathising with people under attack before hearing the real cause of the attack . Many of them are very evil. Kuitawo ere uku. Type iyi inoda hiring hitmen vozi vanditsika konzi vorakashwa musvo with no idea kuti real cause chii. Very heartless thing.

[04/09, 8:15 am] Sisi : Video : Zanupf Admire Mahachi caught with Mike Madiro wife

[04/09, 3:43 am] Nov20: That guy akurohwa is Zanu PF deputy secretary of external affairs Youth league cde Admire Mahachi ndanyara chaizvo

[04/09, 3:45 am] Nov20: Ndiye mukadzi wacho uyo

[04/09, 3:47 am] Nov20: Mutare North MP Mike Madiro

[04/09, 7:43 am] Sisi : Mamuka sei akomana imi kunyadzisa kwazvo

[04/09, 7:44 am] Sisi : Which one is Mike Madiro

[04/09, 7:47 am] Nov20: With a lady

[04/09, 7:47 am] Nov20: Vane muchato

[04/09, 7:50 am] Sisi : So

Abatwa is Admire Mahachi

Abatirwa mukadzi is Mike Madiro ere

The guys in photo is abatirwa mukadzi and his wife ere

[04/09, 7:51 am] Nov20: Thats what they are saying in Zanu PF groups Admire anga ane mukadzi wa Mike Madiro

[04/09, 7:52 am] Nov20: Pandazoona video yenyu ndopandatsvaga info coz ndomuziva ari paHQ

[04/09, 7:56 am] Sisi : Ok perfect mazvita

[04/09, 7:56 am] Sisi Vee: Someone sent this zuro so ndiye

[04/09, 7:56 am] Sisi : 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

[04/09, 7:57 am] Nov20: Ehe iye ndiye I knw him personally ndiye deputy external sec youth league mwana wa Moven Mahachi the late

[04/09, 7:59 am] Sisi : Okaay maita basa

[04/09, 8:00 am] Nov20: U are welcome

[03/09, 9:36 pm] Hanzvadzi 500: He is Zanu PF 😂

[03/09, 9:37 pm] Hanzvadzi 500: *Breaking News*
Mutare North Constituency legislature Mike Madiro’s confidante Admire Mahachi who is also a Politburo member of the Zanu PF youth league was caught red handed having good time beding his friend’s wife in a local lodge in Harare today

It is noted that Mahachihas been in a secret affair with this lady for some time, today he was trapped after he borrowed his friend’s car (the husband to the wife, his side chick) is disguise of going for a business deal, little did he know that the his friend was well informed and quiet aware of the moves to be taken by Mahachi. He was then given the car and within minutes he was tracked and was caught red handed having quality time with a friend’s wife in a lodge

What is so disgusting is that, he works together with his friend, at Zanu PF HQ as drivers

It is also noted that, his master Madiro have called the guys to calm down and settle the incident in a peaceful manner which do not give a bad reputation to the party as they all work together, however his plea was shot down by the angry guys who continued beating Mahachi by any means available

Sadly, it is also noted that it is not his first incident to be caught with people’s wives and its his habit of such an inhumane and bad character for years

[03/09, 9:38 pm] Sisi : 😂😂 no wonder why

[03/09, 9:39 pm] Sisi : Thank you so much 👏🏽👏🏽 kekekeke

[03/09, 9:39 pm] Hanzvadzi 500: You are welcome.