” Shame maningi. Zvakaoma idi.Thank you for bashing the bastard. What an idiot.At least have a conscience. So sad idi. Richibuda kundofunga musvo , swerere kundofunga musvo, richinyura kundofunga musvo. 3 Ms everytime kundofunga izvona basi 3 Ms everytime Mboro Mapeche Matako . From morning to night mapeche , mboro , matako , from dawn to dusk matako , mboro , mapeche swerere ?. This is why you end up sexing your relatives’ wives and being sexed by your husbands’ relatives because the brain is saturated with 3Ms and nothing else. This is why Zimbabwe is a sewage and Africa a sithole . 90% of the time is spent thinking about sexing or being sexed chabuda tsakata. We need scientists and not sexntists. Tinonyadzisa zvekuti. Very disgusting behaviour.Doing musvo is not an achievement. Some nations are developing technologically etc and we are busy developing musvologically and sexologically. Shame maningi. Dogs can sex as well .We need to change the way we think , mafungiro. ” Said Sisi .