Chinese workers abuse at Fools Investment Mine . Hope Fountain Bulawayo.

” Liu Henguin (61) and Xiaofei Xu (26) seem to be the co-directors of the mining company. I bet they are close to Emmerson Scarfmore Mnangagwa and Dr Ambi Constantino Chiwenga. So sad
Zvakaoma idi. The life of a black African. You work for a white person they abuse you , you work for a black person they abuse you.Moreso in your own country. You work for them in China they abuse you. Richibuda the other zimbabweans will go back to work again and watch again as one of them is abused.We are not united us Zimbabweans plus we are so slow pabrain. If it was in South Africa , Malema will wake up there chasing the devils away. Kwedu we say God is in it. If anyone has the numbers for these Chinese devils may you please send me. The Member of Parliament aka Member of Pocket wont even go there… ” Said sisi Vee