Zimbabwean men sexually abusing a woman.

“Does anyone know these beasts fellow Zimbabweans. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Has anyone also noticed that the women in power worldwide be it in government or businesses etc are just stooges.In business the women actually make work life miserable for other women …very Eve.l

I think there is one woman who was really serious about ending eg women rape…Makarau . I would hear people saying kana rape yako ikaenda kwaMakarau watsva. The other day I was discussing with Sweetheart sisi that these women in government are just toothless dogs. This is why I dont believe in the gender quota issues just giving people positions because of gender…..nonsense. Positions should be earned due to competence and not gender.

I don’t understand why children are living in streets , starving , sick at home ,suffering etc when mothers are in positions of power in government. I don’t understand why so called violence against women is still a BIG problem when women are in positions of power in government. I can ask a million questions . I dont see the difference between a man in power and a woman in power . To me the difference is the same .They are all toothless , useless and heartless human beings masquerading as leaders and not bothered at all about making life best for everyone. 6na9.