Zanupf news reporter Robert Mukondiwa appears in court for sodomising 18 year old.

– Robert Mukondiwa is good friends with Hopewell Chin’ono and both are not married and both are in their 40’s and both down people in beer and sexually abuse them. I think they should just marry each other.

– Sometime back Robert was caught red handed forcing himself /raping a man in a hotel in Namibia I think (will double check) on a trip with Robert Mugabe .

– Robert was also GCN Betty Makoni accountant and the 2 abused Oxfam donor funds meant for empowerment villages for sexually abused girls. Betty instead built her mansion in Malborough (attached) and sneaked to the UK after Oxfam Novib started donor funds abuse investigations ( letters attached)

– Robert Mukondiwa nominated Betty Makoni for the CNN award as a thank you for the accountancy job and the 2 flew to the USA for the CNN awards ceremony (attached)

– Because of this exposure Robert and Betty hated sisi Vee and are always seeking revenge kekekeke seka hako wasu

– Robert Mukondiwa and Betty Makoni joined hands and heads with Hopewell Chin’ono to spread fake news that cancer stricken Simbarashe Dande does not exist kekekekekeke seka hako wasu idi. They had forgotten that zvawasu zvine evidence .

– Betty also spread fake news that sisi Vee is a zanupf supporter kekekekeke seka hako wasu ….kupererwa chaiko

– Not forgetting that Robert is obsessed with taking images of dead bodies in coffins and spreading as good news notably Soul Musaka , Anne Nhira etc .Desperation for facebook likes chaiyo


Zimpapers TV Network Robert Mukondiwa up for aggravated sexual attack , rape.

26 March 2021

A presenter at ZTN, one of Zimpapers’ stables, Robert Mukondiwa, appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court Friday facing aggravated indecent assault charges after he allegedly sexually abused a 19-year-old Upper Six student.

The Allan Wilson High School student visited Mukondiwa’s apartment in the Avenues, Harare where he saw the journalist with some friends drinking wine and watching gay movies.

The student had approached Mukondiwa seeking assistance on how he can be assisted in getting in touch with one Tsungai Mutasa, who is in the diaspora and had promised to pay his school fees.

“On the 2nd of March, complainant went to the accused person’s house where he found the accused in the company of two unknown male adults and they were watching gays movies,” the state papers read.

“Accused offered wine which they were drinking, (but) complainant refused but later drank with them and they went to buy Castle Lite beer at a nearby shebeen (and) continued to drink with the complainant.

“On returning from the shebeen at around 2300 hours, accused person showed complainant a room to sleep and slept with his clothes on. The accused person removed all his clothes, joined in bed beside the complainant and asked why he was wearing his clothes in bed and the complainant told him that he was in the habit of sleeping with clothes on. He later on removed his clothes and was left with a boxer and pant.

The state said the accused started touching the complainant but he refused.

“He then lifted complainant’s legs up, inserted his erect penis into the complainant’s anus and did coital movements.

Complainant screamed (and) that when the accused stopped and removed his penis.

“After the act the accused persuaded complainant not tell anyone and they slept. The following morning, the accused gave complainant US$20 and went home and then told Tsungai Mutasa that he was no longer comfortable being assisted by accused and Tsungai Mutasa assigned Frank who stays in South Africa and the complainant revealed the ordeal to him.”

The complainant reported the case to the police on 17 March, and was sent to the hospital for medical examination leading to the arrest of Mukondiwa.
He appeared before Magistrate Barbra Mateko who remanded him in custody to April 12.

The magistrate also advised Mukondiwa to approach the High Court for bail. Malvin Mapako appeared for the state.

Source : New Zimbabwe


Video : Robert Mukondiwa’s lawyer Lucky Dube saying Robert is accused of inserting his penis in the anus of the student .

” Zvakaoma idi. Personally I have no issues with gays and lesbians born that way.Isn’t some are born heterosexual and some are born homosexuals. What I don’t understand and will never agree with is the decision to insert penises in the anuses of other men. I dont think this is what being gay should be. I am convinced 100% that this is just a bad sexual habit. Someone started this bad habit and brainwashed others into believing it’s being gay. Inserting penises in anuses has nothing to do with being gay . I dont see or understsnd the connection .To me it’s more of sexual
nonsense than anything else.

I dont understand why anyone should be sexually attracted to the anus. Kuzviitisa ubenzi chaiko just giving a bad impression about being gay.

I obviously dont hate gays but I hate this sexual habit. It’s a decision that someone made .You don’t have to be putting your penis in someone’s anus to be gay. It’s just sexual immorality .The biological purpose of the anus is not to put penises inside there. If you were born gay and sexually attracted to men it’s unfortunate there is nowhere reasonable you can put your penis.

Learn to live with being gay and stop engaging in bad sexual activities. There are so many other human beings with ‘disabilities’ out there who can’t do certain activities. There are so many people out there too who don’t engage in sexual activities for various reasons so there’s no need for anyone to be desperate for sex to the extent of inserting penises in anuses .



Images : Amuhule Zanupf rapist journalist Robert Mukondiwa.

” I dont understand why he didn’t stop being ill mannered after the 2011 ordeal. He’s just a rapist a loose cannon. I know and have met a very decent gay man Chesterfield Samba. We went for bhodho together , visited their offices and you wont even know he is gay if he doesn’t tell you.I love him so much ?

I’m sure this Robert rapes a lot of men and many of these victims fear or are shy or are ashamed of exposing him.If you are gay and Robert has ‘raped’ you stand up and expose him . Gays and lesbians are human beings like everyone else and should not be raped . Robert is just like a heterosexual rapist. Gender or sexuality does not matter . What matters are the rape crimes heterosexuals and homosexuals commit. Him being gay should be out if the way. He should go down as a rapist. He just rapes men otherwise he is a criminal just like men who rape women and women who rape women. Remove gay from his sheet and just replace with Robert Mukondiwa is being accused of raping so and so , an 18/19 year old male student.

This weird world. One would think a journalist would avoid being bad news but not with Robert Mukondiwa kekekeke seka hako wasu.He never learnt, what a nutter . I wonder how he would interview others in future. Me I will just tell the sewage journalist to go and rape students and stop being a nuisance in my inbox. Can someone please ask him to step down from being a journalist as he is now the bad news himself . Zvimajournalist zvenyu izvi soka zvinonyadzisa zvekuti , scam and scum. At least I started bashing the idiot long back so am just having the last laugh hangu as usual ???. ”

Ndaenda ini
Wasu wetruth.


Zanupf Robert Mukondiwa caught red handed in Namibia in 2011 doing musvo with male prostitute

The assistant editor for H-Metro Robert Mukondiwa faces dismissal after being caught red-handed bonking a male hooker during a Presidential trip to Windhoek, Namibia. As is custom, it was Mukondiwa’s turn to accompany Robert Mugabe on his numerous international jaunts.

Editors at Zimpapers take turns to accompany the President on his lucrative trips where they are paid hefty allowances. Mukondiwa accompanied President Mugabe to cover the summit of liberation war movements in SADC last week.

While in Windhoek, Mukondiwa, one of the finest journalists in the country, reportedly shared a room with an intelligence operative to mitigate the costs.

But while the CIO operative was away, Mukondiwa hired a male gay hooker for a good time.

But the CIO operative returned earlier than anticipated and walked in on the two while they were humping. He reportedly alerted Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba. The matter was said to have reached Mugabe’s ears, who blew his top.