[15/11, 8:21 pm] : Video : Saluting the SA police for taking quick action in ending the gun man ordeal.

” Very brave police indeed . Watching a lunatic playing dangerous and brandishing a gun and they remained very composed. Bless them What a dangerous job. Zimbabwe police would have run away. He was most likely going to shoot someone. It’s good the police got his head. If he had missed he was going to fire at them all and kill them.Looks like he was high on cocaine. Also bragging cause of his big body. He was too pompous even to the extent of grabbing a gun from police.What an idiot.

[15/11, 8:30 pm] : ?? The wife is actually saying this kind of husband is an angel

“According to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID), following an argument with staff, the manager had requested that the man leave the premises, and the hotel would refund him. However, he refused.

….. the security and manager followed him to his room and requested him to leave, then he became more aggressive,” said IPID spokesperson Grace Langa.

She said police officers were called to the hotel to assist and, when they arrived, the man started fighting with the police.

“He took a firearm out of the bed drawer, cocked it and one bullet fell down, and it is alleged the victim disarmed one police officer of his firearm.

“The guest (victim) was in possession of two firearms, then one police officer took out his service pistol and shot that guest once in the head,” said Langa.
His wife is believed to have been present.

Source : News 24

[17/11, 8:22 am] : ????‍♂️Images : Len Cloete – In support of the police officer who shot dangerous Cloete

” Really open minded analysis ?. I support 100% the quick decision by the police officer. If it was in Britain , they would be blaming the police yet it was very clear that Cloete was very dangerous. He is definitely a woman abuser too. The way he grabbed the gun from the female officer speaks volumes. At least the bullet landed on his head . Chance are it was going to land on police officers”

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) has come out in support of a police officer who shot a man at a Muldersdrift hotel over the weekend after he disarmed another officer.

In a video that has since gone viral on social media, the man is seen putting on his underwear as police officers stand around him at the entrance of a room. One police officer is heard saying “now you are playing dangerous”, as the man approaches with a gun after reportedly cocking it.

Moments later, the man grabs a gun from a female officer and is subsequently shot in the head by another officer.

Popcru spokesperson Richard Mamabolo said the officers had found their lives were in danger “and acted accordingly, which must be deemed as justifiable. As a union, we stand firmly against any form of brutality, be it against civilians or law enforcement agencies”.

“We urge community members to co-operate with law enforcement officers as and when they carry out their duties and strive to build common working relations that ensure we collectively address the challenges around violent crimes that have marred our communities,” he added.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) is investigating the incident.

According to IPID, an argument ensued at the lodge and the manager requested that the man, identified as Len Cloete, leave the premises and that he would be refunded. However, he allegedly refused. That was when the police were called.

Cloete was rushed to hospital and is said to be in a coma.

On Tuesday, his wife, Chantal, took to Facebook, saying:

My best friend, my husband, I miss how you tell me every night how much you love us. I miss my kisses that you and our boy give me about my legs before we go to sleep.

She continued: “You must fight for us all your seven kids. I wish I could just call you and say sleep well my angel. See you tomorrow. I/we love you unbelievably much. Abba Father, please whisper the words in his ears tonight.”

Mamabolo said the union found the incident regrettable.

Source : News 24