..at Pepukai Bhegede and Constantine Chiwenga



There is nothing superior about speaking English. English is an Englishman’s language . It is foreign.

Chitori chidofo chaicho chakazara mumaAfricans kunyanya Zimbabweans. Emancipate yourselves from language slavery and speak in your mother tongue. Why trouble yourself communicating in a foreign language moreso you are not good at it. Speak to your people in your mother tongue at your gatherings. Who is the foreigner there.

If anyone laughs at you that you cant communicate fluently in an English man’s language that person is very stupid. I think communicating in English should be banned vanhu vaite pride and confidence in speaking their own languages. There is this stupid assumption that people who can’t read, write or speak the foreign language well are dull and inferior. Kusatoziya. Chidofo chaicho. English is just a foreign language, speak in your mother tongue and be proud of it .There are so many intelligent and wise people who speak in their own mother tongues. Speaking English doesn’t mean you are intelligent or wise. It’s just the English man’s mother tongue …zvega.