Sick Zimbabwe vice president wife Mary Mubaiwa

Zanupf Constantino Chiwenga wife , Mary Chiwenga Mubayiwa so sick and dumped , divorced by her husband . ? Image Zanupf...

Video : Gigolo stupid Zanupf prayer

Gigolo losing it VIDEO

Speak in your mother tongue

0 Pepukai Bhegede and Constantine Chiwenga     There is nothing superior about speaking English. English is an Englishman's language . It is...

Zanupf political violence against opposition

?? Political violence " Mukore uno muchikuambanira zvimapolitician zvenyu. Scarfmore supporter and most likely a God is in it supporter in...

Video : Clinging to his marijuana

Clinging to his dagga .Demanding to see President Ramaphosa VIDEO

Fake abduction as married MDC Joana Mamombe is Zanupf lover

    " Kunyadzisa kwazvo kekekekeke seka hako wasu welast laugh. As usual we are going to hear some MDCA fools and...

Video : Said to be Ndebeles beating Shonas in Bulawayo

Video : Said to be Ndebeles beating up Shonas in Bulawayo. "Hatred ine some Ndebele people towards Shonas boggles my mind....

Video : Ms Putsai Mnangagwa

  .....and some people are impressed by the words of this demon and we wonder why God has given us His...

Video : Thokozani Khupe on court judgement as MDC-T’s Name president

Nelson Chamisa not legitimate MDC leader, court rules Harare 09/5/19 A Zimbabwe judge has overturned the appointment of the main opposition MDC...

Vimbai Tsvangirai in serious car accident

MDC mourns the passing on of Rukanda, Mhundwa " So sad. Wishing you a speedy recovery Vimbai.I hear there was no...
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