Doing wee on black person

Doing wee on black person .

Man masquerading as female prostitute

Man masquerading as female prostitute.

Herald entertainment editor Godwin Muzari commits suicide

" Hezvo ko munotorwadziwawo 🙄🙄.Looks like he was so sick. You should have asked me to send you rtgs. Hapeno...

Investigation into Capetown police who evicted musvo man

SA police in trouble over musvo man evictio City of Cape Town: Urgent investigation launched by City The incident of a nude man...

Zimbabwe nurses strike and the stupid placard

Of all the things they demand this stupid nurse is demanding pants.        

Video : Corona virus man commits suicide

😷😤 🙄🙄 "In a sad report, an Italian man who lost all his family as a result of the deadly Coronavirus...

Video : Infected musvo

Eish mabasa enyoro   VIDEO

Fake : Tatenda Karigambe Tatellicious electricity off over bill

Musvorologist Tatenda Karigambe Tatelicious was desperate for swedish kr15 000 on Go Fund r245 ... and says the money for...

Appeal : Missing in Tanzania since 2018: Zimbabwean Nelissa Chavava

  Fellow Zimbabweans , Tanzanians and all citizens of the world may you please help us locate Zimbabwean Nelissa Chavava ....

Zimbabwe fake prophet Passion Java and his loot

.....and some people call this man a prophet and they attend his church and they continue to give the conartist...

Human Rights

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