Videos – Drug fuelled Mugove Chizutu attempts suicide

WITH the little life that was left inside her, one woman fought to christen her newly born baby before breathing...

Video – Woman under attack

South Africa . Woman under attack.   VIDEOS  

2 Videos : Said to be car accident married man with small house in...

Hapeno imi woye. Chimboitai anawasu . Ndimi anhu acho asi chendinoziya ngechekuti mufaro mwena kuteedza unoguma.

Images : Said to be Mercy in Warren Park assaulted by husband

" Not sure arakashirwa dzei. Ndaomawo moyo these days fellow Zimbabweans.Been trying since 2005 to raise awareness , help etc...

Video and image – 10-year-old boy arrested in China for choking his grandmother to...

" Shame , so sad. Very unfortunate. The child definitely used 'karate' skills to choke his grandmother. Zvakaoma idi. May...

2 Videos – Zimbabwean man in SA

Videos - A jealous Zimbabwean guy in Summer Greens, Cape town hit and killed another boyfriend, girlfriend and a baby...
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