Video : Mnangagwa fired as Zimbabwe vice president

‪+263‬: Confirmed ED will be booted today. Its not Grace but Madzongwe SHOCKER Ednah madzongwe to be second VP and is present...

Video : Moving grave

Black people are something else VIDEO  

Video : Zanupf Mnangagwa at masowe

Shame.Baboon politics VIDEO

Video : Bald Mugabe

"People of Zimbabwe were shocked today as Mugabe appeared at Heroes acre with a bald head at the burial of...

Didymus Mutasa property attached over debt

" Didymus Mutasa's property being attached for failure to pay lawyer in the case he filed against the government of...

ZANU PF thug Proud Mupambwa axes ZANUPF thugs to death.

A Grace Mugabe aide and ZANU PF Youth Vice Chairman Proud Mupambwa axed an Emmerson Mnangagwa party leader to death.. Proud...

Human Rights

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