Video : Stuck doing musvo

Stuck doing musvo VIDEO

Video : Mark Mensah abusing women in skits

Mensah Mark aka pastor Blinks is said to be an entertainer and he entertains by undressing and bathing women in...

Video : The musvo frog woman

Whatever she did.   VIDEO

Video : Woman with swollen vagina

Looks like she was bewitched for snatching someone's husband.       VIDEO

Video : Gogo facing it

Gogo facing it. Whatever she did uuummm. Could be a case of witchcraft but uuummm hapeno idi. The world is...

Video : Musvo woman causing havoc at graveyard

Woman causing havoc at graveyard. Shame     VIDEO

Video : Mubobobo

This weird world VIDEO

Videos : Naked Hekima Namarifa claims he is Jesus

Northcliff Jesus - family of naked woman found her but she's not 'entirely okay' 3 February 2020, 1:55PMĀ Botho Molosankwe Tumelo Moabelo and...

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