Northcliff Jesus – family of naked woman found her but she’s not ‘entirely okay’

3 February 2020, 1:55PM Botho Molosankwe

Tumelo Moabelo and Hekima Namarifa who were seen walking naked around Blairgowrie. Picture: @Its_Kamo_ Twitter.

Johannesburg – The family of the lady seen in a video walking naked with a man who’s also in the nude and calling himself Jesus have confirmed that they have found her even though she is not “entirely okay” .

The video of the two went viral on social media on Sunday evening when a clearly shocked woman motorist recorded the naked pair as they walked nonchalantly in Blairgowrie. In the video, the man – Hekima Namarifa – says he’s Jesus and needs a lift to Northcliff.

When the woman does not offer then a lift, they turn and walk away as the shocked woman continues to record them.
Later, Twitter user, @Its_Kamo_ wrote that the lady, Tumelo Moabelo, was her missing cousin.

“Please help me find the girl in this picture she’s my cousin and she’s missing her name is Tumelo (also whatever info you may have in this guy please send it to me), ” she wrote, adding that they needed to find her.

While some people responded with kind and were able to advise her on where to look, some, however, made fun of the situation such as

@UmalambaneZN who responded: “Watch the video I think they said they going to meet with Abraham or something while

@LondolozaJumba4  wrote: “Wherever she is, worry not my sister, she’s with Jesus.”

@Its_Kamo_ did not take kindly to the responses.
“My cousin is literally missing and people are under my comments making fun of the situation. Some of you guys are vile human beings wow.”

Later, she revealed that Moabelo had been found.

“Thank you so much for all the RT’sand dm’s we found her at Helen Joseph hospital, she’s still very disoriented. My family and I are eternally grateful to everyone that helped in finding Tumi. Thank you thank you thank you very much. Tumi isn’t entirely okay but we will help her get there.”

According to Namarifa’s Instagram profile, he is among others a model, Herbalife distributor, artist and a student pilot.

The Star tried to get hold of Moabelo’s cousin via Twitter but she didn’t respond at the time of publication.
Helen Joseph’s Kgomotso Mophulane could also not respond before the story was published.

Source : The Star

Hekima Namarifa used to be a model and fitness trainer with 6 pack. Looks like drugs amuvhuringa. I pray his family will find him too. So sad.