Peter Nyoni ,the man behind the musvo video that was sent to us has contacted us asking to pull down his photo .We then had a promptu interview with him. The grandfather said he shot the video for his wife.

However , sources who know him said ,

“Musanyeberwe by his reply to you. The man is a pastor instead of him to be repentant, apologetic and be honest, the pastor is lying yet again. Kusanyara.
In the video he talks about the woman’s hips and big breast. Sorry to bring this about, but those of us who know the wife can categorically tell you she is not a big woman, she doesn’t have no hips, she is not light in complexion as he says in the video.He also says in the video “if I come there in Zimbabwe, I tell you am not coming back to this UK again”. His wife lives and stays with him in Sheffield. Who does he think we are? Children?  “
Below is the interview

Beki Nyoni 12 October 23:37 Hi Musvo Zimbabwe, this photo is personal and I would prefer to keep it private. Would you please take it down? —————— Musvo Zimbabwe Is it you Beki ? —————— Beki Nyoni Yes its me ————— Musvo Zimbabwe ok no problem .Thank you so much for letting us know .What is going on madzibaba? ————- Beki Nyoni Some one must have across that material which was meant to be personal and private between me and my wife and held on to it for some time because its an old piece.So this person or persons have decided to attack my person using that video since I am now a pastor. ——————– Musvo Zimbabwe Ok.Thank you for clarifying .So did you shoot the video for your wife or what? ——————- Beki Nyoni Yes for my wife. ——————– Musvo Zimbabwe Ok .so who do you think leaked it and why? Who else was in possession of the video? ——————- Beki Nyoni I am not exactly sure because someone first sent it on Whatsapp to our provincial church leader and when he tried to verify who the sender was that person could not answer the phone and must have destroyed the simcard that he or used sometime in July because we were going for our national gathering. Last week this video resurfaced because my son was going to wed on Saturday. So the timing was to make sure it brings embarrassment to me ,my family and those associated with me. —————– Musvo Zimbabwe The truth will set you free madzibaba Nyoni .Can you please tell me the truth of what really expired . —————- Beki Nyoni That is the truth . —————- Musvo Zimbabwe Thank you madzibaba. Who else was in possession of the video apart from you? —————– Musvo Zimbabwe Are you there still there madzibaba Nyoni? —————— Beki Nyoni What actually happen concerning my phone , is that it went missing some time and reported it as stollen and I was given another hand set by the provider at that time we had problems within the congregation (in-house fighting on tribal differences) and we ended up splitting into 2 sects and that did not go well with the leader and it created really enmity. Us who had left the congregation were now being victimised in many different forms through evil prayers , so we decided to join a different church where could find spiritual protection. But still the attack did not stop although now we are protected hence the use of this personal material. —————— Beki Nyoni Time for me to go on prayers now.I hope my request is going to your favourable consideration.Thank you. —————– Beki Nyoni meet —————- Musvo Zimbabwe Thank you madzibaba for your time .Your co operation is greatly appreciated .Will come back to you madzibaba .Do have a great night .