[18/10 12:49 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : Admin I am David Tafirenyika & I would like to express my anger & totally categorically deny tht I was ever there & neither Genius or Tazvi Mhaka

[18/10 12:49 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : Tht video has been circulating for weeks way before Genius birthday party

[18/10 12:50 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : It’s not even in South Africa & looks like it’s in America

[18/10 12:51 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : That is just total defamation of character please may you remove that post & address the corrections ?[18/10 2:05 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello hanzvadzi David .Good to hear from you and also to learn that you a musvo zimbabwe whatsapp group member.Thank you so much much for getting in touch and for following us.

1.This investigation that finally led me to your name if you are the David Tafirenyika in question, was not my work only.I masterminded it with other sources one of them Charles who actually posted the message below on your facebook thread showing some Ginimbi party images shared by yourself .I have attached the screen shot.

Here is Charles’ comment on your wall on same photos thread where you responded by giggling.I have attached the sceen shot too.

“Guys tosangana kuMashambanzou nemahure enyu ekuQatar airways ana Maureen Makusha”….Charles

2. I  then went further with investigations and established that the David Tafirenyika’s fb status was showing a journey location …from  SA airport to Australia.I have attached the  screen shot …and the David was also thanking others for the great night .I have attached a screenshot too.

I investigated further and established that the David Tafirenyika should be the same registered nurse in Australia.I checked and established that his fb number is or was +62 410 264 847…Australia and got the registration details.

3.I then revisited some of the photos taken and  established that the same David Tafirenyika in spectacles had photos taken with UK fraudster Tazvi Mhaka who could have been at this party too and he is a well known musvorologist and fraudster who attends almost all Ginimbi’s satanic parties too.I have attached the photos of the David with Mhaka etc which are also on the news link you quoted.

I then went further and compared what I had gathered with information from sources which includes the musvo video which was actually shot recenty at a Ginimbi party…..The source confirmed it is very current and not in America unless the facebook David was travelling from America via SA going to Australia.

I am now trying to establish if the David Tafirenyika is the same guy in spectacles dancing with no pant Maureen Makusha in another  video.

To cut a long story short as we seek truth..the million dollar question is,

ARE YOU THE DAVID TAFIRENYIKA IN THE IMAGES ATTACHED and mentioned in my explanation ? A yes or No answer will help us to establish the truth .

So meanwhile your response to the million dollar question only will be greatly appreciated.A yes or No will suffice and is absolutely perfect.

At that point that is when we can discuss if the story should be removed or not and if you were there or not .I would also be interested in knowing the link between yourself and the fraudsters Genius and Tazvi …as some photos show you together at Ginimbi white parties (if it is you in the photos attached)

Hanzvadzi I greatly appreciate that our whatsapp relationship is perfect as we have been talking before and sharing information as brother and sister.I hope you will understand that this story involving your name is a call of duty which I have to fulfill.
Thank you so much once again for getting in touch hanzvadzi xx
P/S .I have also attached your whatsapp profile image

[18/10 2:13 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : Yes tht is mi & I posted those pictures on my Facebook innocently because I was invited to tht party but I am not the one dancing with Maureen Makusha, That is another guy not me.[18/10 2:13 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : Thank u my sister

[18/10 2:14 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika: I swear on my fathers grave that I had no involvement in that video @ all

[18/10 2:15 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : Charles made a comment yes on my wall & I just took it as one those & ddnt take much into it

[18/10 2:15 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : I ddnt know he had an agenda

[18/10 2:20 pm] Sisi Vee: You are most welcome.Whether he had an agenda or not the truth remains the same.musvozimbabwe undercovers are like any other news undercovers around the world.

Thank you so much hanzvadzi for being honest.I hear you about the video.Thank you for clarifying. The story on musvozimbabwe is not saying you are the one in the video which is good.So that one is sorted ? So should the story continue running on musvozimbabwe website since it is you involved or you still feel it should be removed?If you think it should be removed may you please explain to me the reasons for the removal .?[18/10 2:25 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika i: Thank you my sister for your cooperation & understanding, I feel my images r being used wrongly in this story as I am not a fraudster & neither am I a satanist,  I have known those guys tichikura & what they do is their business I have no knowledge of , I was invited to Genius Birthday party & I attended & took those images on my phone coz I was just happy enjoying myself thts all

[18/10 2:26 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : M actually shocked about the Headings involving me

[18/10 2:29 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : That video is not me in it

[18/10 2:29 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : It’s another guy

[18/10 2:44 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika: Now I feel I can’t be safe on Facebook here Sis Vee hanzvadzi, ndo de activator account here or block the likes of Charles nhai

[18/10 2:45 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : My reputation s @ risk & m greatly affected by this story

[18/10 2:45 pm] Sisi Vee: Thank you once again my brother for being honest .I hear you about the video.

I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience the involvement of your name and images has caused and can cause in future considering that you could  still be a registered nurse in Australia.

However the story is not accurately saying you are a satanist or fraudster but some readers can of course think you are one of them vis a vis association with them.

Since there are no lies in the story about your involvement in their parties then the story stands.You attend satanist and fraudster Ginimbi satanic parties and by that you support his parties and mission and therefore by default you are one of his well wishers as you also posted on fb your support .That’s why you are finding yourself in this predicament …..the evidence of which I have given you…If you are not a satanist or fraudster you have been tainted by association.

Therefore the story will continue running as there are no grounds to support false information etc on your side….

My advice to you hanzvadzi is never get involved in things that you dont want to be associated with.I hope this will be a turning point in your life to also seek God’s ways and not the Devil’s ways.If your images were taken for example at a church gathering you would not have written me trying to disassociate yourself. Regai maparty etsvina hanzvadzi and don’t hang around such satanic people like Ginimbi.
May the love of God guide you .

[18/10 2:46 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : Inga zvakaoma shuwa Sis Vee hanzvadzi so guilty by association heyi

[18/10 2:47 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : So everyone who attended that party is also guilty of the same ma1

[18/10 2:47 pm] Sisi Vee: No hanzvadzi I think you should not deactivate fb account and also dont block Charles.You shared the evidence to the public yourself and Charkes saw it too.

[18/10 2:47 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : I should Neva have posted anything onFB

[18/10 2:48 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : Lol ahyaaas Sis Vee mmmm it’s scary

[18/10 2:48 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : I actually had attended another personal matter hangu kuSA ndikangobatanidzawo ne party yaGinimbi

[18/10 2:49 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : Many thanks for your understanding

[18/10 2:49 pm] Sisi Vee: Association by default hanzvadzi.Exactly hanzvadzi now you are talking.You should never have posted anything .Also when you saw my post in the group saying satanist etc I think you should have rushed to delete the posts…knowing how sisi Vee investigates

[18/10 2:49 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : I am going to now

[18/10 2:50 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : Lol ma1000 chaiwo

[18/10 2:50 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : Imagine ukaita hama muroyi wotonzi waato muroyiwo?‍[18/10 2:52 pm] Sisi Vee: Kekekekekekeke mwana wenyoka inyoka .I am here for you hanzvadzi and respect you so much.You are very understanding as usual.If you talk money to help our sources continue doing a great job I can reflect on it ?[18/10 2:55 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : Likewise my Sis mutual respect ? I have just landed in Australia & ndakatyamadzwa

[18/10 2:56 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : Ndaita High BP chaiyo u know how rumours spread lol mmmmm not good

[18/10 2:57 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : Will continue to support you most definitely

[18/10 2:59 pm] Sisi Vee: I hear you hanzvadzi and moreso when images are all out there ……but we learn from mistakes hanzvadzi.I have  made mistakes too in life so you are not alone.

Thank you so much for your unwavaring support.You are unique…I am here for you ?[18/10 3:08 pm] Gr5 David Tafirenyika : Thank you , wud really appreciate it if would clear my name out of ths @ least Sis Vee?[18/10 3:18 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok no problem hanzvadzi I can do that as long as you consider the time etc it took to come up with the story and also the time it will take to sort it out and the impressions going to be lost on the website…remember visitors aka readers impressions pay hanzvadzi …..Your name is not supposed to be cleared as the involvement is there hanzvadzi but am just understanding your predicament at a personal level so you need to understand the business predicament too.

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