Throwing away all their dignity  ,all for the love of money and good living is what Aaron and some young males are doing on social media.

Pleased that a filthy rich sugar mummy had approached him, Aaron went on to shoot a video for her and sent lots of images showing his item and not forgeting his ID.Even though he had some doubts Aaron was so moved by the sugar mummy’s riches such that he didnt want her to leave him.Their chat says it all.

[15/10 09:48] Denny: Hey Ahods….Did you find the sugar mummy you were looking for?lf you havent lm here for you with money   and everything you can ever dream of but on 1 condition l need someone who is well groomed with a big dick that can make me come

[15/10 10:21] Aaron‬: Oh hey sup how you doing…so where are you staying?

[15/10 10:22] Denny: um gud yurself….Sandton jbg

[15/10 10:23] ‪Aaron‬: Im good hey…buh am in Zimbabwe. This is where i stay u know

[15/10 10:23] Aaron‬‬‬‬: If its abt a dick u ain’t got to worry abt that

[15/10 10:24] ‪Aaron‬: ☺

[15/10 10:24] ‪Aaron‬: a big dick i mean

[15/10 10:25] Denny: aint a big deal darling l can send you money for air ticket so you cn visit me for 2days…lf you satisfy me in bed l will pamper you with money and gifts

[15/10 10:25] Denny: What um looking for

[15/10 10:26] Denny: ls it good for this

[15/10 10:27] Denny: um nicole wats your name

[15/10 10:31] ‪Aaron‬: Oh u killing me hey…im already horny

[15/10 10:32]Aaron‬: um Aaron swthrt

[15/10 10:33] Denny: hahaha dont musturbate

[15/10 10:33] Denny: can l send yu money to come

[15/10 10:34] Aaron‬: lol was almost wanking ☺…so do u mind abt my age?

[15/10 10:35] ‪Aaron‬: i can’t wait to eat that pussy

[15/10 10:35] Denny: how old are you?

[15/10 10:35] Denny: want um looking some romantic hey

[15/10 10:35] Denny: send your pics

[15/10 10:36] Denny: do u have pasport

[15/10 10:38] Aaron: ok lemme chose the ones to send you

[15/10 10:39] Denny: wnd the one naked want to see my dick?

[15/10 10:41]Aaron‬: i need to process my passport as well, i kinda misplaced.. ive been postponing & postponin. buh it ain’t takin long so u aint gt to wrry. i can see hw i cn sort it out

[15/10 10:42] ‪Aaron: oh pliz stop…um kinda horny for real

[15/10 10:42] ‪Aaron‬: ☺

[15/10 10:42] Denny: fine or l can come there

[15/10 10:42] Denny: come on kkk

[15/10 10:55] Aaron‬: the other one z comin

[15/10 10:55] Denny: not this maybe ts not yu darling…take a full pic from the head

[15/10 10:56] Denny: big thing l like it though

[15/10 10:56] ‪Aaron: haha ok u want me frm the head ok lemme send

[15/10 10:57] Aaron: dnt wry bou that one…since u wanna c if its really me

[15/10 10:58] Denny: will send you 1000rands for pizza arnd 1

[15/10 10:58] Denny: l luvd it

[15/10 11:00] Denny: wat can l use to send you money darling….money gram is it okay

[15/10 11:06] Denny: Remove that cap come on hey ummmm

[15/10 11:08] ‪Aaron‬: lol really? Im kinda nervous ?[15/10 11:08] Denny: What can l use to send money

[15/10 11:08] Denny: come on bby

[15/10 11:08] Denny: l ddnt c your face though

[15/10 11:10] Aaron‬: Yeah i can send u the one clearly showin my face…was jus kinda nervous, thats why i kinda hid it lol….coz i jus wanna make sure its not a trap hun lol

[15/10 11:12] Denny: hahaha come on bby… can l send you money to sort your passport…..l need you here to be with me

[15/10 11:21]Aaron‬: yeah i see, that’s really true ? I will do anything jus to make sure u happy….even if it means eating yo pussy e whole day & fuckin i will do it

[15/10 11:21] ‪Aaron‬: Till u cum

[15/10 11:22] Aaron‬: Yeah Moneygrame is ok

[15/10 11:24] Denny: l want to be fucked whole night at list 3 rnds a nyt

[15/10 11:25] Denny: So send a pic of your lD  so l cn instruct someone to deposit money for you now

[15/10 11:26] Denny: what about my pic bby

[15/10 11:27] Denny: l dont want fake people ryt l need some to trust

[15/10 11:28] Aaron: Ok…jus wait hun ?[15/10 11:29] ‪Aaron: Can u also send me one more pic swthrt

[15/10 11:30] ‪Aaron‬: I like the way u talk

[15/10 11:31] Aaron: So u got my # frm someone else or?

[15/10 11:31] ‪Aaron: ☺[15/10 11:31] Denny: fyn…

[15/10 11:31] Denny: send my pic hey

[15/10 11:31] Denny: take a pic of yur lD so l cn gve the agent for cash transfer

[15/10 11:32] Denny: u turning me off….bye

[15/10 11:32] ‪Aaron‬: Ok cool…im sending my full ID. Its left wt a 1/4 now

[15/10 11:33] ‪Aaron‬‬: jus b a lil patient

[15/10 11:33] Denny: l told yu l need someone to be crazy in love with not fake dudes….how can l trust yu with my money then

[15/10 11:35] ‪Aaron‬: No pliz trust me, hun am sending

[15/10 11:37] Aaron‬‬: oh whatttt

[15/10 11:37] ‪Aaron‬‬: hey baby

[15/10 11:37] ‪Aaron‬‬: how do u get all this money ☺[15/10 11:38] Denny: l work hard….

[15/10 11:39] Denny: family
genetics…..all of my family members are filthy rich…

[15/10 11:42] Denny: what about my pic want to bath now

[15/10 11:43] Denny: and your lD will not be able to get tym to do it

[15/10 11:43]Aaron‬‬: So for the pic u said u want any showing my face or i got to be nude as well

[15/10 11:44] ‪Aaron‬‬: ive one where im wearin the jordan cap but on that one i ain’t nude

[15/10 11:44] Denny: u gat be nude….juss remove tha cap on that one

[15/10 11:45] Denny: juss remove the cap want to make sure maybe u sending someone else

[15/10 11:47] Denny: yu now turning me off bby…

[15/10 11:47] Denny: you dont listern so tuff luck

[15/10 11:48] ‪Aaron‬: sorry u once asked abt my age, Im 22

[15/10 11:48] Denny: thats why um saying yu turning me off bby…u aint real

[15/10 11:51] Denny: um waiting…..

[15/10 11:51] Aaron‬: No im so real hun trust me…

[15/10 11:51] Denny: what about your lD

[15/10 12:01] Denny: Hey bby

[15/10 12:03] ‪Aaron‬‬: buh you knw the reason i wantd one showin yo face also is at least i also believe u

[15/10 12:04] Denny: fyn um send now

[15/10 12:04] ‪Aaron‬: coz on that one face aint clear

[15/10 12:04] Denny: 5mins

[15/10 12:04] ‪Aaron‬: ok no problem

[15/10 12:05] ‪Aaron‬: ?[15/10 12:06] Denny: send yours wnt to go out nw

[15/10 12:15] Denny: hey bby come on

[15/10 12:22] Aaron‬‬: this pics different for real

[15/10 12:23] Denny: ohhhh gosh kkkk come on

[15/10 12:24] ‪Aaron‬: u knw e reason im kinda reluctant to give my ID is u’l see my real name when u jus somebody else

[15/10 12:24] Denny: fyn bye

[15/10 12:32] ‪Aaron‬‬: that pic is even way old

[15/10 12:33] Denny: l took it a mnth ago

[15/10 12:33] Denny: dont wary yourself?[15/10 12:34] Aaron‬: whn did u take this one

[15/10 12:34] Denny: dont worry….um pissed off wth yu bye

[15/10 12:36] ‪Aaron‬: no pliz come on hey…i love you

[15/10 12:37] ‪Aaron‬: The reason i was askin where u got the # & name is to make sure u got it frm where i had posted

[15/10 12:38] ‪Aaron‬‬: im not kiddin at all honey

[15/10 12:38] Aaron‬‬: so frm wc site did u see e nickname Ahodes & #?

[15/10 12:38] Denny: l don deal with the people who behave like that l dont have anything to loose l gat money and will get another dude soon bye

[15/10 12:38] ‪Aaron‬‬: Lets talk…come on dnt freak out hun

[15/10 12:40] ‪Aaron‬‬: i knw…pliz calm down ok…u got e nicky or #:frm wc site?

[15/10 12:40]Aaron‬: jus to confirm & i send u errythn u want

[15/10 12:40] Denny: dont be a police officer here

[15/10 12:41] ‪Aaron‬‬: no im not being a police officer hun…pliz

[15/10 12:41] Denny: so forget it

[15/10 12:42] ‪Aaron‬‬: im sorry its not lyk that

[15/10 12:43] ‪Aaron‬: i didnt mean to anger u

[15/10 12:43] ‪Aaron‬‬: buh i really wanna talk to e ryt person

[15/10 12:43] ‪Aaron‬: so i jus askd whr u got e #

[15/10 12:43] Denny: am pissed off

[15/10 12:44] Denny: yu know wher yu put t

[15/10 12:44] Denny: um blocking yu now

[15/10 12:44] Denny: um looking for someone wth better morals

[15/10 12:45] Aaron‬: who wouldn’t want to fuck a rich chick…i got good morals for real

[15/10 12:45] Denny: no u jack

[15/10 12:46] ‪Aaron‬: i wana do anythn u want me to do for u

[15/10 12:46] ‪Aaron‬: sexually

[15/10 12:46] Denny: so send a pic now

[15/10 12:46] Aaron‬‬: & romantically

[15/10 12:47] Denny: will change your life in seconds dude

[15/10 12:47] ‪Aaron‬‬: i really want sweethrt

[15/10 12:48] ‪Aaron‬: anythn i can do if u just tell me e real deal

[15/10 12:49] Denny: so send pic now um giving u 2mins

[15/10 12:49] Denny: need to leave

[15/10 12:51] ‪Aaron‬: ok

[15/10 12:52] ‪Aaron‬‬: so yo family r u a membr of some society… i mean bein that rich

[15/10 12:52]Aaron‬: i would luv to b lyk that as well

[15/10 12:52] Denny: will tok after pic

[15/10 12:53] Denny: u think um into satanism?lol

[15/10 12:53] Aaron‬‬: lol not lyk that bae

[15/10 12:54] Denny: will tok after pic

[15/10 12:56] Aaron‬: Just one thing can change everything….i wouldn’t have delayed if u’d jus confirmed frm which place or site u got my numbr. There is no problem hun. jus wanna know. i promise once u tel me u’l see i wil do evrrythn pretty fast

[15/10 12:57] ‪Aaron‬‬: i keep secrets so this just for e two of us…jus tell me hun

[15/10 12:58] ‪Aaron‬‬: So now may u pliz confirm darling

[15/10 12:58] Denny: will tok after pic

[15/10 13:01]Aaron‬: lol…hun 4 real uve put me in a corner

[15/10 13:02] Denny: will tok after pic

[15/10 13:05] ‪Aaron‬: On this naked part do u wanna c my dick as well

[15/10 13:05] ‪Aaron‬: whn i show my face

[15/10 13:05] Denny: yes

[15/10 13:07]Aaron‬: Nicole hun, i love you

[15/10 13:08] Denny: will tok after pic

[15/10 13:09] ‪Aaron‬: Ok how old are u hun?

[15/10 13:10] Denny: will tok after pic

[15/10 13:11] ‪Aaron‬‬: so this pic are u saying its the one that can unlock anything?

[15/10 13:11] Denny: sho

[15/10 13:11] ‪Aaron‬: i mean everything

[15/10 13:11] ‪Aaron‬: cool

[15/10 13:12] ‪Aaron‬: I can do anything but e only reason im nervous is i myt see my pic on the internet

[15/10 13:13] ‪Aaron‬‬: nw imagine that wl b e end of me when it leaks

[15/10 13:14] Denny: What????not me come on…l want smeone who l cn trst and he do the same

[15/10 13:17] Aaron‬: me too if i only trust u i said i can do anything u want me to…i can even come there or u come so we conclude evrythn

[15/10 13:17] Denny: will tok after pic

[15/10 13:18] ‪Aaron‬‬: wat if i send u one where im in casual but not nude

[15/10 13:19] ‪Aaron‬‬: coz u knw the ones u sent me yo face isnt clear as u want myn to be

[15/10 13:19] Denny: no

[15/10 13:19] Denny: so stop wasting your tym bye

[15/10 13:20] ‪Aaron‬: Nicole i don’t want u to go pliz i swear

[15/10 13:23] Aaron‬‬: are u ok with my age?

[15/10 13:23] Aaron‬‬: i said um 22

[15/10 13:32] ‪Aaron‬‬: Oh Nicole i remembr now….i saw yo post & then i put my numbr. that’s what i jus wanted to kno….ok lemme send u now ?

[15/10 13:37] Denny: no problem

[15/10 13:41] ‪Aaron‬‬: kul..gimme 3 minutes

[15/10 13:41] Denny: ?

[15/10 13:49] Denny: hour nw

[15/10 13:59] ‪Aaron‬‬: ey comin na

[15/10 13:59] ‪Aaron‬‬: um sendin 3

[15/10 14:01] Denny: yhoooo thats what um looking for woooo

[15/10 14:01] ‪Aaron‬: wait

[15/10 14:02] Denny: send another one different angle

[15/10 14:02] Denny: yes fyn

[15/10 14:02] Aaron‬‬: u nid a different angle?

[15/10 14:03] Denny: um going to send u money now not what you wanted to do

[15/10 14:03] Denny: l love yur dick bby

[15/10 14:03] Denny: yu betah come soon

[15/10 14:03] Denny: so send your lD now coz they close at 3…

[15/10 14:04] Denny: lm flying in 20mins tym

[15/10 14:04]Aaron‬: um so sorry for e kinda delay babe…u knw i wanted to be sure first

[15/10 14:04] Aaron‬: thanks 4 undstanding

[15/10 14:04] ‪Aaron‬‬: ok sendin ID

[15/10 14:04] Denny: was pissed off

[15/10 14:04] Denny: juss tek a video so l can be aroused more

[15/10 14:05] Denny: just a short video

[15/10 14:05] ‪Aaron‬‬: Ok darling ☺

[15/10 14:09] Denny: send a small video bby

[15/10 14:09] Denny: Aaron

[15/10 14:09] ‪Aaron‬‬: ID

[15/10 14:09] ‪Aaron‬: ok wait 4 vid

[15/10 14:09] Denny: Thats your lD???different from ours

[15/10 14:10] ‪Aaron‬: lol u mean frm yours??

[15/10 14:10] ‪Aaron‬‬: in SA or?

[15/10 14:11] Denny: Yah…here its a book

[15/10 14:11] ‪Aaron‬ lol really…ours its plastic

[15/10 14:11] ‪Aaron‬‬: wait 4 vid cwthrt ?

[15/10 14:15] Denny: ?

[15/10 14:16] ‪Aaron‬‬: um sendin vid now

[15/10 14:19] Aaron‬‬: its comin..only a bit slow

[15/10 14:19] Denny: ?

[15/10 14:19] ‪Aaron‬‬: ☺

[15/10 14:23] Denny: yu lie ummmm

[15/10 14:26] ‪Aaron‬‬: hey babe its comin pliz

[15/10 14:29] Aaron‬: srry hun…dnt knw wht was wrong with e network…but its kinda short

[15/10 14:31] ‪Aaron‬‬: nicole

[15/10 14:33] Denny: Wooow

[15/10 14:34] Denny: ?musvozimbabwe

[15/10 14:34] ‪Aaron‬‬: lol…its jus short ey hun

[15/10 14:34] ‪Aaron‬‬: ☺

[15/10 14:35]Aaron‬: kkkk

[15/10 14:35] Aaron‬‬: hahaha no man

[15/10 14:35] Denny: Usaite chipfambi you stil young

[15/10 14:35] Denny: ko inga vanga vanyumwa wanie lol

[15/10 14:35] ‪Aaron‬‬: ya thats true, i get yo advice

[15/10 14:36] ‪Aaron‬‬: Nwae don’t post that pliz kkk u got me

[15/10 14:36] Denny: thats my job bruh

[15/10 14:37] Aaron‬: No pliz stop don’t.I will get fired

[15/10 14:37] Denny: check your pics soon

[15/10 14:37] Denny: where

[15/10 14:38] ‪Aaron‬: at work…but u trapped me so u cant post them as if i they were leaked etc

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