Married herald newspaper digital business manager Patience Mhlolo and AFM church singer digitalising musvo under table in cheating mess

A married woman and strong believer in God Patience Mhlolo is said to have been caught cheating with her married boss who is also said to be married.

Married to Paul Mhlolo  a managing director at Milestone Real Estate,  Patience is said to have been floored and floured by her boss’ wife and was left  under the table musvo.The said cheating star is seen in musvo images looking shocked and also at church singing.

Patience is a member of AFM Glenview church where she is said to be a great singer who even sings at national conferences.

“If this is really her in musvo images then the advertising boss could be Munyaradzi Hatendi ” said sisi Vee .

However sisi Vee has confirmed that Patience Mhlolo is the one dressed up and can be seen at Zimpapers giving a speech .She is still to contact her to verify if she is the same woman in musvo images and get more about the said fracas.

Patience and her husband have five children.

If any of you mentioned is not involved can you please contact sisi Vee to clear your name on whatsapp +44 75 23 844 361 .