[24/02 11:08 am] Fill 15 Story Murder: Makadini henyu Sisi vee.

Please hide my number

Have a friend i learnt with Ku college who seems to have been murdered by her husband

Sad is they only got married kunana Aug/sept last yr.

Ashaika on Sunday I hear, and husband is on the run.

Anonzi Locadia LC Mashonganyika….and was based kwamutare.Husbands name is Edson Juan Gumbezi….he did not even appear Ku burial yemudzimai wake.it ┬áis hard for family and friends to find peace.To such an extent that young brother wa loca is pleading nemukwasha to come back and explain pa Facebook.let me also send pics

[24/02 11:55 am] Fill 15 Story Murder: Word on e street is hubby seems to have had other wives/ girlfriends here, not sure how true it is …but zviri kunzi there must have been confrontation abt issues dzakadaro..ending in this mess.Edson is said to have reported kuti wife has comitted suicide amwa matablets…but wen officers vasvika and started talking abt autopsy abva anyangarika.Brother yemufi anonzi tawanda reginald mashonganyika…have been trying to get his number for u but ndaishaya…he however is very active pa facebook.


Writing on fb brother to Locardia said,

“Dear Edson Gumbeze

Where ever you are i know at some point you will read this.I don’t know if i am ever going to see you again and i am not sure if i even ever want to.But my request is just one..tell me the truth of how my sister Leocadia LC Mashonganyika died.Knowing how exactly she died as painful as it is but i believe it will help us to find peace.There were pills next to her body but we have come to know that she never took pills in an attempt to take her life.Her stomach was ripped open in full view of her father and there were no pills in the guts or any sign of a harmful substance that can damage the organs.So how did she die nhayi Edson???? They tell me her left eye showed signs of physical force on it.

So you ran away and could not bury your wife whom you said you loved and we gave her to you?? Whatever wrong that my sister could have done to you she did not deserve this.I can write a book about the grief and pain inflicted upon us.

Where ever you are right now as we bury our flower may your conscience torment you.May you search for peace and rest but NEVER find it

May i take this platform to clear the air on the facts surrounding my sister Leocadia LCMashonganyika death.

The results of her post moterm (autopsy) have RULED OUT suicide as NO pills as previously thought were found in her guts.We have learned that the pills found next to her body were actually a set up to give the impression of a suicide.Also her left eye showed signs of physical force upon it.Apparently her husband has disappeared and is wanted by police officers investigating a suspeccted case of foul play.She will be laid to rest on Wednesday in Mutare.May Her Soul Rest In Peace.”