” Very disheartening .Utsinye wetinawo maZimbabweans unoshamisa .Well these are zanupf government soldiers so justice will not be served by the govt.We need to start talking about organised action to remove this evil zanu regime from power .All these soldiers doing this should be ‘noted’ and then citizens can come up with ways of targeting them individually anonymously. Kupusa tanyanya fellow Zimbabweans. ” Said sisi Vee.

‪+263 ………: MSU students were yesterday beaten by soldiers who came at the school main campus gates and started beating students both girls and boys .The soldiers came in a small Combie with pool sticks which they used to  beat these students who were innocent .The reason behind this was that the soldiers were revenging as one of the soldiers had been involved in a fight with some of the students on Friday .The school guards couldn’t do anything as they were also helpless and in fear of these soldiers .Most of the students have been hospitalised and admitted .Others suffered head injures whilst others have broken legs n elbows .

The school clinic is still taking injured students to the hospital at the current moment.What hurts the most is that these are parents as well these soldiers are also brothers to other people .These are people that are supposed to make us feel safe in our own country .They should protect us but instead they are doing the opposite.

Question is are they misusing their power ?

Soldiers are supposed to be agents of peace and not havoc.

Government should not let this pass .Justice should be served.

Bitter MSU students.