??Now compiling information of Zanupf terrorists in UK for police : terrorism section.

Hoping you are all doing ndizvowo fellow Zimbabweans.I will be emailing the detective dealing with my case by this Wednesday latest..so am now compiling details of all the Zanu terrorists in UK and their supporters to hand over to police …to help them in their investigations and for future purposes. Britain’s policy on terrorism is very clear so there is no reason why these zanupf terrorists should not be investigated and arrested when they intimidate us and send us death threats. The police are aware of the situation in Zimbabwe and zanupf has now been logged in as a terrorist group in their systems so we now need to give them the names of the terrorists eg UK zanupf chairman Nick Mangwana.

May you please email  me details eg names, contacts, photos, videos on viomakmusic@hotmail.com  or whatsapp +44 75 23 844 361.

If you can also send details of their relatives in Zimbabwe .We need to make sure their relatives’ names are all over the internet in case they apply for visas …authorities will know they are the terrorists clan when they google their names.Please also send details of anyone you think is a zanupf terrorist or linked to these dangerous terrorists ravaging Britain.