Said to be a pastor in Cameroon who was caught red handed threesoming with two married women from his church

” Zvakaoma . Why musvo is so overrated boggles my mind. I don’t think I will ever understand why some people can’t just engage in better activities. This musvo business is overrated for sure .Zviro zvekuti even imbwa can do .Moreso a few minutes of dirty play bringing some people’s lives to a halt ….messing up even their jobs. For musvo  . Kunakirwa 5 minutes and forget about the many years ahead …..kupata chaiko .

The problem with some black men is they think kukwira mukadzi is a great achievement no wonder some even brag about having big items. Kushaina ngemboro ere akomana mukore uno wesmart phone ??? kekekekekekeke seka hako wasu .Some men are contemplating kukwira chitundumuseremusere to go to Mars imi muri busy contemplating kukwira mukadzi kekekekekeke .

We need to change our attitudes about musvo. It’s just an ordinary natural activity. Kuita as if kugeza nzou .Musvo wekuti even wild animals can do ndizvo zvingatovhairisa anhu ere akomana kekekekekekeke ???” Laughed sisi Vee.