” Load of nonsense …..hogwash …what a pack of rubbish. Terrorising their own the same person they were stealing and destroying with. Definitely INJUSTICE. All these zanup idiots should go down with mugabe.

For the past 37 years all zanupf thugs were not obeying the constitution even in their own constituencies pasina Mugabe …nhasi because Chiwenga’s friend Mnangagwa has been fired by Mugabe all the blame now falls on Mugabe…oh my God .This is really getting into my nerves ..so irritating . Just because you have our armoury doesn’t mean you should go about intimidating and terrorising your other thieves …what an evil heartless thug this Chiwenga is …Go down with mugabe all of you or stop the injustice because you are not seeking justice ….you are seeking a position for your friend ” Said sisi Vee