They are fundraising for a convicted paedophile without hearing the other side of the story “It is shocking why anyone in their right senses would help a convicted paedophile seek justice without even hearing the other side .These people have only heard one side of the story in a video , the side of the convict and they are quick to fundraise for the grandfather convicted of raping five children. I am not shocked though. This is generally typical behaviour of Zimbabweans that’s why our nation is a sewage. People join hands for the wrong reasons without putting much thought into it and the media supports such sewage causes. You stand up for what is right you become an enemy and you stand up for what is wrong you become a darling of the weird thinking lot.Thats why this nation is a mess. Mafungiro acho. Rest in peace Zimbabwe and to the children who were raped by this paedophile or by anyone else be still …..our society is infested with satan’s disciples and weird thinking people ” Said Sisi Vee Zimbabweans have launched a call for the state to revisit a case in which 76-year-old Fredie Chawatama is saving time for multiple rape. Chawatama, born in Wedza district, Mashonaland East, was arrested in his native village in January 2018 for raping five children, who he admitted to living with during the interview. His case was tried at the Marondera Magistrates’ Court, where he was convicted and sentenced to 35 years imprisonment in February last year. Many of those who commented on the show were touched by Chawatama’s health condition, after it was revealed his private parts are connected to a catcher and, according to his confession, only medical personnel could remove the piece of equipment.