Sisi Vee discussion with lawyer to represent convicted elderly paedophile Freddie Chawatama. Radio presenter Tilda Moyo is at the forefront of running the campaign to free the convicted paedophile.

Sisi Vee raised eyebrows after seeing some Zimbabweans fundraising for the convicted of rape grandfather having seen a video of him narrating his side of the rape story that landed him in prison for 35 years.

The convict claims he had a catheter and theres no way he could have raped and the fundraisers none of who was in court following the proceedings believed the grandfather without gathering all the necessary information that led to his conviction.

After listening to Freddie , the well wishers passed a non -guilty verdict for him and started fundraising for the elderly convict to go home and not prison.

[10/05, 2:10 pm] Kajokoto Lawyer: Greetings. How is UK. Someone just showed me the pics below saying he got it on a platform where he is a subscriber. What are the import of such if you may kindly assist. Am Kajokoto the one assigned to deal with the matter. Kindly help

[10/05, 2:22 pm] Sisi Vee: Hi Kajokoto. So far so good thank you for asking and you ? May you please kindly explain to me in what capacity you are writing to me as and your intention regarding the images. Just need to understand what your concern/issue is about

[10/05, 2:23 pm] Sisi Vee: What matter have you been assigned to deal with?

[10/05, 2:27 pm] Kajokoto Lawyer: Am the Snr Partner of Kajokoto and Company whose receipt is above. Had bn assigned to find out how that old man can be released from prison.

[10/05, 2:33 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok I hear you.So you are going to assist a paedophile leave jail 🙄. Seriously .
Well are you not comfortable with the sharing of the receipt or what ?

[10/05, 2:35 pm] Kajokoto Lawyer: I simply wanted to know if all was posted in good gesture so that where necessary if you need any explanation, I will be at your disposal

[10/05, 2:44 pm] Kajokoto Lawyer: Not really. Simply wanted to appreciate the context chete chete and thank you for clarity. Stay blessed

[10/05, 2:45 pm] Kajokoto Lawyer: As to whether I want to assist a paedophile leave jail I can forward you his story then we talk

[10/05, 3:20 pm] Sisi Vee: Oh yea sure thank you so much for your kindness. Yes I posted in good gesture . I defend children a lot and really got worried that people were fundraising for a convicted paedophile’s release without hearing the other side of the story. Thank you so much for offering your services to seek justice for the convicted paedophile who could be innocent. Do you have any evidence to prove his innocence like your defence outline apart from his words in the video?

[10/05, 3:22 pm] Sisi Vee: Like some official information you have gathered /seen eg health documents or officials you have spoken to

[10/05, 3:32 pm] Kajokoto Lawyer: I will give you the information. Have managed to retrieve the record of proceedings from Marondera today so am still to go through the record to ascertain the veracity of his story

[10/05, 3:34 pm] Kajokoto Lawyer: However I personally visited him at Chikurubi Max Prison and I saw indeed the catheter tube running through the urethra and the always oozing urine and the bag. The rest am yet to ascertain

[10/05, 3:35 pm] Kajokoto Lawyer: May I also subscribe to your platform?

[10/05, 4:22 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok . That makes sense. Way to go. Great work you have done so far. Thank you so much.I pray you remain open minded and that you dont focus on pleasing those who have donated to the cause but that you will remain as professional as you seem to be. Something obviously happened and that is what you will ascertain. Thank you so much. Sure. Willl add you.

Standing up for the raped children and justice for them human rights defender sisi Vee said,

“The problem with some Zimbabweans is when they dont like you for shaming them or for opposing their political parties etc whatever you say they just oppose to satisfy their hate. However they just end up showing how stupid they are ….typical. It’s all about hate and not about open mindedness typical of dumb people.

Of course Freddie COULD be innocent but why not wait first to hear what really transpired from others involved in the case as well before sympathising with the grandfather . Rape is a serious and complicated offence and it takes a lot to convict someone but of course this does not mean wrong judgements are not passed. However, it doesn’t take the existence of a catheter only to be innocent of rape. Maybe one can still be guilty of rape even while using a catheter due to other circumstances surrounding rape technicalities.This is what we should be considering as well
In any case who else knows he had a catheter during the specified rape time apart from his word in the video etc.

Obviously seeking justice and helping others is always the right thing to do. I do that everyday and have been doing it since 2001/2005 but passing a non- guilty verdict without hearing the other sides of the rape story leaves a lot to be desired. This is a rape issue moreso involving children and not a shoplifting issue. Why not just say according to what Freddie is saying in the video, he COULD be innocent let’s help him to raise money to appeal…but instead I ‘see’ people saying ‘ release him he is not guilty how can he rape with a catheter etc. Munopaparika and dont take time to critically analyse issues thats why many of you ended up joining the devil to remove Mugabe from power in a so called million march so that the devil can rule you. You inaugurated the devil but you are now complaining yet you sympathised with the devil. Learn to take time to critically analyse issues. That’s why Zimbabwe is a sewage and Africa a sithole ” Said sisi Vee