Video : The biggest lesson is *DO NOT CHEAT.* Woman , wife , mother under attack.

” Shame . Zvakaoma idi. After all is said and done the biggest lesson is do not cheat. Before you cheat , engage in *predictive thinking* …what will happen if I get caught ….what will happen after I get caught and disciplined in this way ….in case I am disciplined in this way and die who will take care of my children…how will I feel if I am the one being cheated …is this cheating worth what might happen if I am caught …..why am I cheating anyway…have I tried to talk to my husband , wife , or partner about the problems that might make me have cheating tendencies.

The best option as you try to mitigate these risks is to LIVE with it or LEAVE. If you cant leave for various reasons it’s very unfortunate and so sad that you have to live with whatever it is. Live with it and forget about cheating. DO NOT CHEAT. The one being cheated wont see or understand any justification on why you cheated.

People and the law will just say nothing justifies this action by the man but unonga vatorakashwa kunga nyoka yapinda mumba pamwe vatooma mwana otoenda kusmell house.

Avoid joining whatsapp groups and following social media groups , walls and pages where loose morals are celebrated and viewed as cool. Avoid mixing with bad company you could end up emulating wrong behaviours and getting wrong advices…kunyanya maZimbabweans anonyengedza zvekuti and get you in unneccessary trouble and problems. Many of them dont think properly so the thinking is warped especially women many of them vanofunga ngemagaro.That’s why you never like see me where they are like gathering on social media. Their thinking is very shallow and dangerous.

On anger management- I know it’s easier said than done. My brothers avoid by all means getting things to this level of so called discipline. You dont need to end up killing the mother of your child over her cheating. She can actually die in the process or after …zvatii manje . I know we are all different and manage our feelings of pain differently and you are the best person to deal with your feelings the way you feel but try by all means to hold back inorder to avoid unnecessary problems. Engage in predictive thinking too. I know it is difficult when you are angry because the feelings of anger will be controlling your thinking at that point but do your best to control the anger. Dont mix with bad company too , even bad relatives. The men who were watching and doing nothing and helping are bad company whoever they are. Good company will say STOP think about the future siyai munhu aende ari mupenyu etc. Relationships come and go but life comes once.

Also avoid traumatising children in this way.If you decide to discipline your cheating wife in this way make plans for the child to go somewhere temporarily if you can. At least feel for your child . Some children who grow up seeing this way of corrective measures might do the same in their adulthood or traumatised to the extent of having a troubled adulthood. If you cant take the child somewhere , the moment the child starts crying is the moment you should stop. Respect the tears of your child for his/her mother under attack. Remember the child still needs a mother. Avoid social media pages , groups , walls etc that make you feel like the bull in the house. Bulls are in the kraal not in the house.

*DO NOT CHEAT .* If you cheat you complicate life for everyone including yourself and your children. LIVE with it or LEAVE. ” Said Sisi Vee