Wanted : Rapist Gerald Chirwa

Fellow citizens may you please help us look for the rapist Gerald Chirwa . If you know where he is you may whatsapp  musvozimbabwe  +263 359 0349

“Hie Musvo please help me expose this rapist guy??? ndashaya ndodii haasi kuwanikwa

Hello good people, please kindly assist me nenyaya yangu, I am a middle aged woman ane vana two, one wacho is a 15 year old girl. I will make this brief and straight to the point. I am a live in housemaid ku South Africa, place inonzi Alberton and i stay with my daughter pamba ipapo. On the 16th of November 2020 i was told to prepare one of the rooms for a visitor who was coming to be staying nesu for a while, name Gerald Chirwa. Zvainzi he was a family friend and he was coming kunoita business for a few weeks.

He came and he seemed like a nice guy and all seemed well until about 2 weeks late musi wandaka discover a stash of money hidden mu drawer remwana wangu – it was about R550.00 .

Pandakabvunza mwana wangu where this money had come from, after tambokweshana, she then revealed kuti Gerald iyeyu ndiye anga amupa the money. On further investigation it turned out that Gerald Chirwa uyu was sexually molesting my 15 year old daughter and silencing her with money.

I was so shocked and so heartbroken and im in much pain kutaura kuno. I couldn’t believe it. Chirwa was nt around when this came to light, paakazodzoka he was immediately quizzed neni ne the family i stay with and on realizing kuti nyaya yaipa akangosimuka and ran out of the house. We never saw him again. Akatosiya zvinhu zvake, the only thing chaakatora was probably his cell phones.

My daughter admitted to be molested and she says it had been a daily thing, achibatwa batwa then opihwa mari. I reported the case ku local police yekwandogara and a case was opened. All this happened between 16 November 2020 and 11 December 2020.

Please help me weduwe, to track and find this guy, apparently it turned out pane dzimwe nyaya dzaaitotiza ku Zimbabwe dzefraud dzaakaita ku NMB. I cant let him get away with what he did to my daughter, please assist me with any information that might help to track him down. I managed to find out kuti he is now using the number +263712 675675.

The following is an article written by a whistleblower that i asked for assistance, as well as ma chats angu naye soon after the issue came to light. Please kindly assist.”