Tafadzwa Matimba has spoken out to Musvo Zimbabwe . ——— From Tafadzwa Matimba

Good afternoon

Please read this carefully.

Is it standard journalistic practice to publish without confirmation or verification? Are you bound by any code of conduct or moral compass at all? Do you even stop to consider the consequences of what you are doing? You are not objective and your bias is evident in your suppression and removal of any comments which dare question the validity of your malicious article, not to mention your own comments in response to anyone who dares to leave an opinion which is not in line with your own.

You thrive on stories like these as canon fodder for your website, with total disregard to the lives you affect and ruin in the process, and I am not even talking about my own. How can you fail to see the hypocrisy of championing yourself as someone who is doing good, while failing to realize the potential damage you cause by publishing unverified information? If the information you publish turns out to be incorrect, do you think simply acknowledging you were wrong would undo the damage you have caused? My legal representatives have advised me to make no comment as this matter is currently in the hands of the police, and they will make a comment on my behalf once investigations have been concluded. They will however, be in touch with you in due course regarding the article you published. You and your “source” are free to take from that what you will.

Regards Tafadzwa Matimba ———————– From Musvo Zimbabwe.

Good evening Tafadzwa

Thank you very much for responding.This is greatly appreciated .Yes it is as long as we are publishing what the person or people have said .We have the right to publish what people send us in their own words.If they are lying about you then it is up to you to prove them wrong Tafadzwa.As you can see , these are not our words but the words of those accusing you .We did not write an article Tafadzwa .As clearly stated in our email to you .It is a source who sent us that piece as it is and we did not do anything to it.That is why we have written you to have your comment pertaining to the allegations .These are not our allegations.We don’t thrive on stories like this Tafadzwa but we thrive on all stories .We don’t verify what people say unless we are to write the story ourselves as what we intend to do now Tafadzwa and that is why we have now done the right thing as we seek to investigate and have your views noted as we write our own story .

Briefly we have not published any unverified information .All we did was share what someone said about you.We could have just ended there,but because we now intend to do a story that is why we have now contacted you for verification.We never wrote anything about you , so in case it turns out to be untrue all what we will do is inform the public that the information we shared about Tafadzwa as written by the source is not true .However , as for us to know the truth we can only wait for you to cooperate with us and allow us to see your genuine HIV results.That is the only way we can determine the truth pertaining to your status.As of now we don’t know if the allegations are true or not,so our intention was to establish the truth from you.

We are not sure of the comments we were deleting . Would you like to specify where.Do you mean on our pages? If so , there is a difference between questioning the validity of an article and verbally attacking someone .No one was denied leaving an opinion which is not in line with her own.If verbally attacking her is an opinion then to her that is not an opinion ,it is an insult .That’s why she gave it back to them .In any case, nothing needed to be verified pertaining to the validity of the article as it was posted  as exactly as it came from the source so it was very clear to all normal thinking people that we did was to post the piece.So verbally attacking us was uncalled for barbaric behaviour.

Would you care giving us your legal representatives’ contact number .

Thank you so much once again Tafadzwa.Your response is greatly appreciated.Please feel free to remain in touch if need be.