Watch : Wife mad at small house she saw driving family car

Wife mad at small house she saw driving family car    

Watch :Rutendo Loveness Saurombe bragging about her private parts

Zimbabwean Loveness Saurombe is seen here cursing and bragging about her facebook followers and her private parts .  

Ghanaian live in carer allegedly caught having sex with her sick client

Ghanaian girl caught allegedly having sex with her client while doing a live-in. The family became suspicious when their dad...

Images : Caught red handed in car

A nation gone to the dogs as sexual immorality takes centre stage .Doing what they know best these days.    

Images:Edwin Trymore Mashapa caught cheating

How South Africa based Edwin Trymore Mashapa originally from Chipinge , of musvo mapikicha was caught by his wife in...

Nigerian woman bites off penis of rapist boyfriend

A man reportedly took his girlfriend to his friend’s house in Lagos, Nigeria few days ago.A few hours later, the...

Watch: Britain care worker Nyarai Chirambaguwa circulates her video calling for sex

Britain care worker Nyarai Chirambaguwa is seen here calling for sex.However ,the habitual liar soon commented that she shot the...

Watch : Dethroned Miss Zimbabwe’s musvo video as reckless life is exposed

  Emily Kachote was yesterday officially dethroned as Miss World Zimbabwe, paving way for the first princess Annie Grace Mutambu. In a...

Watch :Disgraced gays Godfrey Mudyiwa and Ethan Nathan in musvo video

The so called men in the musvo video are ;Godfrey Mudyiwa pictured with his wife is actually married but doing...

Britain care worker Nyarai Chirambaguwa a threat to vulnerable adults

Zimbabwean  Nyarai Chirambaguwa -Maphosa well known for shooting a video of herself in a sex act with a boyfriend in...